Day 2 of Personal Power II

Well, I was not able to update on the second day of personal power II as yesterday was a really busy day for me. After work, I went down with Jack to meet a client at Yew Tee for getting his requirements for the website to be done by our company Intrillion

We went on talking for some time about how the design is going to be and how it is going to incorporate his existing logos to his website. So we will come up with a proposal for his project and he repeatedly emphasized that he is cost-conscious and the costs must be able to fit his budget and we will also need to justify our marketing costs to him based on the ROI.

All in all, we have a lot to prepare and now Weilih is having his reservist so he could not help us much. Therefore, after a short review on our client case, we decided that we have to meet up every single day from today onwards to come up with the proposal.

So now back to the main topic of Personal Power II day 2, I was listening to it during my gym workout yesterday too. It talked about the topic of using pain and pleasure to help you achieve your goals and what you want in life.

Avoiding pain – you want to avoid the pain of losing something

Gaining pleasure – you want to gain pleasure by doing a certain thing.

So there are 4 questions I need to answer in all so as to complete today’s assignment.

I must say by using pain and pleasure, I am able to get rid of some really bad habits and cultivate some good habits which is being used often.

So I would still say that Anthony Robbins is still the best personal development coach you can have to change your life.

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Personal Power II – Day 1 Experience

It’s been long since I updated my blog and a lot have happened since I found my first job. I finally started to get the hang of having a job and learning about my job i.e. settling down into the job phase. This is totally a clueless experience as I am not familiar with everything in my department.

As I am a marketing trained person, naturally I am well versed in marketing terminology but not the IT terminology which I am in. For those who is still clueless about what I do, basically I am in an IT department in a company which supplies one-third of electricity to Singapore. So in a sense, servers, applications, etc seems to be the norm terminology for them but I’m still grasping them like a real newbie.

Well, that’s for my working experience till now.

Then me and Jack also started a business together called Intrillion. We have started picking up speed on the things we want to achieve. Then Weilih also joined us together and that makes the three of us working on a single goal.

We have also gotten a virtual office at Suntec at the Penthouse level which is the top floor of Suntec itself with a marvellous city view.

So right now, we are considering getting a grant from the government since I can still use my graduate status to apply for one.

I can say my life have become more busy with this new addition. I am literally working round the clock and sleep to me has become a luxury which is taken for granted by others. Sometimes, I just thought to myself that I have neglected my bed… haha that’s such a weird thought.

Well, busy is a good thing because it just means that I’m improving in my life yay :)

Yes, we have been meeting some clients to get some projects so that we can start work and make money. If you guys want a website to be marketed, or have a friend or someone/some company in mind who has a website to be marketed, please do not hesitate to call me at my mobile at 9862 1579.

So today I went to my office gym as usual but one thing that differs is that I brought in the Personal Power II into the gym to listen while I exercise. Today is day 1 of Personal Power II and just listening to Anthony Robbins speaking in his audio energizes me because he speaks with energy, passion and enthusiasm.

This is really great because I have already recognized him as a life coach for me personally. So whatever he told me to do in the audio itself, I will definitely do my best to fulfill them.

Today I will need to do two items which I have been putting off a long time and yes, I will do it which is updating this blog and managing all the rest of the projects on hand. Plus, showing more care and concern for my girlfriend and asking her out for a dinner.

But I must say if you have personal power II, it will actually be very good to helping you to achieve the goals that you want. If you don’t have, try to get it soon. I really believe in it and would really recommend to anyone who wants to improve his/her life whether it be financial, mentally, health, success, or just being happier.

Well, stay on to my blog soon as I will keep you posted on my day 2 of personal power II tomorrow.

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Working Life For 2 Weeks

Well, being new to the working work since joining the workforce for only 2 weeks. I am starting to see why so many people detest working, especially working for bosses. It really does not matter if the bosses are nice but if they are bad, you will absolutely hate the job itself.

So there are many external factors that will contribute to your job satisfaction level. Don’t mind me but after 2 weeks of work, I can say I’m quite satisfied with what my job is all about. I have been learning all about business processes which are the internal workings of an organization and how they basically work.

But one thing that really bothers me is that my office is just too quiet… no one is really communicating much. Everyone is hard at work and doing their own work. I, being the usual self, needs at least some interaction else I would really go crazy at times. It just seems to me that they are like robots without much interaction. Well, pardon me if I offended anyone who loves a quiet environment to work. But for me it is just too much as I am quite a sociable person but faced with such “lifeless” environment, even the most lively person would just blend in and continue working.

So I guess it has it’s pros and cons. But for me, it is really great as my office has a gym. Although it’s kind of small with only a couple of miserable weights, two treadmills, and a cycling machine, it will suffice for me as I know other static exercises which can be performed without the use of weights. One great thing about this gym is that it is situated at sixteenth floor and I had the grandest view of all. I can absolutely see the whole of Singapore PSA, Sentosa, our CBD city skyline and Mount Faber with their slow moving cable cars. Best of all is the sea that I can see.

So who can complain much with this kind of view when you are working out. Plus, I have the whole gym to myself with the TV to horde too :)

So it was great for these two weeks of working life. I have another 50 more weeks before my contract ends. That really sounds great! Just 50 only.

Okay, guess I won’t have much time to update for the time being as I will be going for my reservist tomorrow which is to serve the army yet again. But for only one week. So see ya soon after my one week of training.

Please feel free to add comments to my blog. I really welcome comments from my readers. :)

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