Ivy’s House CNY Steamboat Celebration

Ivy’s invited me to her house for CNY steamboat and celebration today. I told her that I would be late because of work. Well, in the end yup I was late… quite late… hahaha

Went there together with Luis after his work. Su-ann and her bf came after we’ve reached and Kangwei and the rest was playing mahjong as usual. But he left soon after we started on eating the steamboat which they left some food for us. Did our usual catching up during the steamboat and Daniel kept complaining about not touching any food because he’s sick… (hmm… maybe it’s just a convenient excuse for him not to eat too much :P hahahah)

After eating, Chris started to jio the rest for mahjong or blackjack which in the end, the rest except for me played. We played till around 12 plus before everyone complained saying that need to work tomorrow morning so need to go back and rest early.

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Day 2 of CNY

Yesterday’s movie was very good. Hilarious.

Today went for visiting at my uncle’s place at Pasir Ris… it’s so far from Clementi… Finally when we reached there, saw one of my aunts and went together with them taking a bus.

Saw all of my aunts and uncles from my maternal side and gotten the usual “ang baos” as like a bonus like that. Wonder if the crisis will affect greatly on the amount inside or not.

My dad and brother stayed at home to entertain the paternal side of my relatives who will be coming to visit us at our home. Which I have not been seeing them for like 2 years since I was like the representative for my maternal side.

Well, all went well. Nothing special happened except that my mum went on to try out the Osim message chair that my uncle has and she felt damn good after the session. Guess she’s going to buy one for herself then.

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Day 1 of CNY

Today is another boring CNY day one for me… as usual for all these years since my army days… no visiting for day 1. So what to do? Sleep and rejuvenate. :D

Slept for quite a bit…hmm… almost half a day hee :)

Was quite refreshed now since I’ve rarely taken so many  hours to sleep since my Uni days… CNY is really a good time for me to rest.

Will be going out with Caecilia, Daniel, Phyllis, Bernard, Zoe, Luis, Su-ann and her boyfriend to watch movie.

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Chinese New Year Eve 2009

Today’s Chinese New Year Eve, hmm… another year is going to pass soon and I’m getting older and wiser :D Joshua and Derek wanted to go to Chinatown to watch the fireworks and walk the streets at night. Initially, I was quite hesistant about going thinking that there might be a lot of people, but I went in the end.

But it was after my family’s steamboat dinner at home which I opened another bottle of red wine, and drank almost half  the bottle by myself because the rest of my family doesn’t drink that much. I was actually even tempting my almost 3 years old nephew to drink a bit hehe :P because if he drank some, I’m sure he will be sleeping quite soundly for the night.

Well, was at chinatown and there is indeed a lot of people. But Derek and Joshua commented that it wasn’t as many as compared to last year. I should guess it’s the financial crisis that caused people to be stuck at home.

Saw the fireworks, wasn’t as spectacular as I anticipated since I’ve done fireworks before during my Uni days. Went around the normal usual chinatown shops with the goods prices dropping sharply after midnight. Then went to take a look at some potted plants which Joshua was asking me to get a pot too, especially the cherry blossoms (Tao Hua) to boost my luck with women. hahaha. Wasn’t even thinking about that.. was thinking more about how to get that pot back if I were to get it rather.

All went well except for the sudden rain that caught most of people in the rain. We stayed till the rain turned into a drizzle before we went back.

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Treating My Back Problems – Natural Chiropractic Treatment

Today is my appointment with Spinetrends after the x-rays have been sent to them. I was really anxious about what the x-rays going to show and how my back is treating me… since I had serious backache last year.

When I went over I was show like 4 x-rays and I was kind of shocked! I knew I had some sort of misalignment in my back but I never did expected it to be so serious… it was like 2-3cm curving away from the center line of what should be a normal spinal column. That’s serious for me but it’s really only the first stage of subluxation. That wasn’t the end of it yet… my neck was also screwed up too… damn… it was like too forward a bit and causes stress on my neck and body weight.

Well, what to do… such a screwed up spinal column… need treatment soon else I will be living with it for the rest of my life which I definitely don’t want to live with the pain for all my life.

So after what Dr. Brian talked to me about how this backbone of mine will be giving me problems in the future…actually I wasn’t really listening :P because I had experienced the pain before and was just recalling all those painful experiences which I don’t want to get it again.

Well, it didn’t really take much convincing for me to sign up for the treatment as I really value my health and my life thus it’s almost automatic that I will be getting the treatment. Anyway, the chiropractic treatment is natural which means there’s no drugs involved and it’s just pure adjustment of the spinal column and my neck on an adjustment table.

Anyway, it’s a year long treatment which I will be undergoing from now on. For those of you who might have back problems or backache, feel free to leave some comments.

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Genting Trip With New Colleagues – Gambling Tips

Well, just got back yesterday from my Genting trip. Had a fun time with them especially going to the casinos. Really experience what is a casino and how people can get really ADDICTED to this vice and I mean REALLY…

It’s so plain simple and easy. I just tried the slot machines and it can immediately get so addictive because I was basically just pressing on some buttons and the stupid machine even have lights on the buttons to visually attract your attention to them. Thus making me to press them and losing faster :(  hahahaha  damn… machines are just money grubbers… waste my money…

Although I didn’t really try those tables but seen some of my colleagues went over to play Blackjack and stuff. Some won and some din… well, it’s just the experience that counts I guess.

But there’s one incident which I remember very vividly and that is there’s one auntie who’s playing Blackjack. Initially, she was on a winning streak and had a LOT of chips that is $500 each and she had like 3 stacks of 10 chips… that’s like $15,000!! So I watched intently on how she would exit and keep her winnings. I left for a moment to another table upon seeing that she kept winning and I thought she would keep some since her daughter came and she gave her some to keep. But when I came back about 10 minutes later, she had no more $500 chips left! I was stunned… not only that… she still pulled out thousands from her purse and exchanged for chips to play. 3 times of exchange and she’s out of money… I only gotten a glimpse that I thought she’s only left with her transport money.

WOW! Such a turn of events! Now I get the idea that people can definitely lose their fortune in casinos and no wonder it is such a bad vice…

Hmm… gamblers out there… whether you’re full-time professional or socially. There’s still a risk of running up a huge loss. Key is to know when to exit with your winnings. Only then will you be able to make money.

Always set yourself a capital to lose when you are gambling and DO NOT exceed that even if it means losing all that capital and taking a loss.

Here are some photos which were taken during my trip.

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Happy Birthday~ =)

Today is my birthday. There wasn’t much of celebration as most of the years I haven’t been celebrating much. Furthermore, I’ll be going to Genting in a few hours time with my new colleagues. Not that I don’t like going but just that I will need to wake up quite early to catch a life from Jack to arrive at our meet up point at Lavender MRT.

Well, I haven’t been feeling too good though in terms of emotionally wise. This is especially so after I have just received a sms from a particular person who still meant a lot to me wishing me a happy birthday. Though it’s not much but still it stirred me up emotionally.

Guess I’ll have to learn how to handle it properly then. Anyway, I’ll just look forward to this Genting trip and focus on the new experiences that I will be getting and the new bonds which I will be building with my new colleagues.

Ciao~ I’m sleeping liao =)

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SpineTrend – Chiropractors

I went to SpineTrends in Shaw House today to check on my back. Both of the doctors are chiropractors which meant that they are experts in terms of treatment of the bones. They said mine’s supposed to be a subluxation which meant there is a misalignment of my spine.

The doc advised me to go for some X-rays to be taken and I just felt that maybe I should so, just went for the x-rays.

Well, was really hopeful that nothing bad will turn out from this.

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Welcome to 2009!

Kangwei called us yesterday to have a steamboat buffet at TurfCity for New Year celebration. Had the usual pickings on the meat – chicken, pork, etc… really had a lot to eat, was like taking at least 3 rounds of food.

Kangwei was like standing up and bbqing all the beef that he took. Was wondering how much he could take and by the time, I’m full… he’s still taking his next round… I was like Argh… bottomless pit… he really can take in a lot of food…. well, that’s our kangwei :D

Anyway, some of us went back home to bathe as after the whole steamboat session, we smelled more like the steamboat with all those cooked food smell that everyone else who walked past us will know where we went earlier. hahahaha.

Well, after a super full dinner, Chris fetch us (me, Ivy, and Adrianne) and I kinda ask him to test drive his newly “zeng” car that comes with a new turbo. So suddenly the turbo kicked in and we jerked back. Although there’s a jerk that comes with the boost, I still felt that the jerk that I experienced in Jack’s honda civic is still greater.

In the end, we went to Kangwei house and they started their usual gambling tables and played till like 4 or 5am before we went back.

Well, today is also my last day at PowerSeraya as a Business Process Consultant. It’s been a really great tenure with this company, 7 months in all. But I just hope that my new career will start soon.

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