BFC Pre-Interview

Went for the pre-BFC interview with Wendy Liao and it was more like an explanation of what is coming up for the BFC itself.

Well, Wendy went through a lot of Dos and Don’ts with me which some have already been shared with me by Charles, Jack and CJ.

So all in all, I kind of understood most of what I’m supposed to do during BFC itself and we’re are supposed to train the core foundation.

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Cedli Meeting…Cake Buying

I’m supposed to buy a birthday cake for the CEDLI meeting that our team is conducting. Jack was handling the agenda and the retreat debrief, while CJ was the MC for the meeting. Daniel was our video man. Me? I’m handling the logistics and birthday cake for the birthday person in the month of feb.

Well, it’s really like no brainer to go and get a cake but I was really not adept at buying a birthday cake for so many people. This is like my first time… so questions like how large should I get? What kind of flavor should I get, etc… came to my mind… argh… Cakes… because if you buy the wrong ones (those really awful tasting ones) then you’ll really spoil that birthday celebration atmosphere.

So I walked over to Bugis Junction from our office at Gateway, thinking of which shop should I get the cake from. Saw Four Leaves and went to take a look…hmm… their selection seems nice and appealing. Then I went over to BreadTalk to look at their selection… I was like… wah… those are really kind of pathetic… they have those like fruit cakes and stuff… not really to my liking.

Then I went over to Four Leaves again and saw that they have black forest. Good. Black forest is good. Now how big should I get it… I asked the lady serving me how big should I get if I have like 20 people and she was recommending the largest one to me which costs like $50+ and it’s huge and rectangular in shape… Should be more than 20 people and not exactly 20… So after thinking for a while, I decided to go for the second largest which is round.

Gotten the cake back and waited for the finale to start to bring in the cake. There’s only one birthday gal in the month of feb and that’s Penny.

Yay! In the end, the cake was just nice in quantity for everyone and everyone is happy with the flavor of the cake. Good!

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FTP 1…

Today is the training for FTP 1 for the whole day. Well, it’s about the legal and compliance that as Financial Consultant, we will have to learn and understand.

For the first part of the session, it’s kind of dry with all the legal aspects of the process and how we’re supposed to do up all the paper work.

For the second part, it’s more on the compliance issues and it’s being emphasized as being more important as it will also be tested in the test after the session.

I was supposed to take the test because I’ve already completed the FTP 2 and then left only this before I can go for the BFC.

All in all, it’s just compulsory training for being a Financial Consultant that all of us went through a rigorous training and compliance regimen before becoming fully-fledged professional consultants.

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Working at End of CNY

Today is the end of Chinese New Year called Yuan Xiao. Because of this, my ex-boss, Kim, asked me if I wanted to work or not for this event. Since I was having a bit of free time and also wanted to catch up with him and maybe Kenny, I agreed to work today.

So I was there at the Tian Fu Gong at Telok Ayer street. This event was held by the Hokkien Association of Singapore.

I was supposed to be the in-charge for firing the confetti cannons which marks the start and the end of the celebration. The first cue was good, but the second cue when I have to wait for the white colorful dragon to go off wasn’t timed accurately. Because there wasn’t any cue signal that I can follow and luckily Kim was around to see that the dragon was going off and told me to fire. Else I think it will just go off without my confetti shots.

The event was supposed to start at 7pm but it kind of dragged as usual… to 8pm before the actual performance starts. And I hadn’t had dinner at that time yet…

Well, overall the performance was only okay, not that fantastic and with some cockups… Saw that there’s some communication lags that caused the cockups..

Hmm… after the work, it just pack up and go. But I’m really tired after everything because I have not been doing these kind of “siong” activities except for exercising. Last I did was last year. Hmm…am I getting weak? Damn… need to train up once again. Nevermind, it will give me more energy. :D

Ciao~ I’m going to rest already.

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Dental Appointment

Went to the dentist today at Jurong Polyclinic. The dentist initially told me that my teeth looks good but somehow or rather I felt it won’t be… haha… because I postponed my previous appointment till today. So I guess with more days in between my appointment dates, my teeth will definitely stained more.

So the dentist did the cleaning and I was really tired from opening my mouth for so long… guess it’s really need a lot of cleaning :P

The dentist then said it actually require quite a lot of cleaning instead at the end of the session. Hee :D

After my dental appointment, I dropped by Cindy’s workplace at the OCBC branch and catch up with her for awhile before leaving.

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STL Lesson 1

I’ve signed up for STL lesson, a course that is part of POV. Today’s my first lesson. STL is all about relationship handling and it’s a new way of handling issues in life.

Basically, what I’ll be going through is a radical change of my perspective on life issues itself with connection to the subsconsicous and the unconscious aspect of our mind.

The course is conducted by Yanni, you can read more about her at her blog at:

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Ethel’s CNY House Visit + KTV + Arena

Yesterday we went to Ms Chong’s place for our annual visit during the CNY period. I was really unsure about the attendance of who will going to turn up during this visit.

Because it’s really quite a small group last year with most of them working or too busy. So this year, as usual, is me who’s organising the whole gathering again.

Never did I expected so many people to turn up. Ryan turned up! He’s like one of those who we haven’t met up since we graduated and is now a pilot for RSAF. And Kristel too whom I’ve met up since our last gathering. Then the rest are usual with Jiayan, Chee Tiong, Kwok Fai, Zheng Kai and Chiau Khean who came back from China. Jiayan just came back from Dubai too. Then Zheng Kai cut his hair back to those like in the school days.

Was really good to have met them up. Catch up with them and  reminiscene about the old school days, complained about work, etc. hahahaha.

Took a photo.


Well, after that I went on to join Dewei, Gavin, Cyber and Khew for a short session of KTV at Liang Court Party World till 10 pm. Sang some songs but not so much even though I was in choir before. haha

Then after a while, Kristel joined us to sing too. Had dinner at TCC clarke quay or rather supper bah. Then we went on separate ways. Gavin and Cyber went home while Khew, Dewei and me went over to Arena to find Kristel and her friends.

Went in and was enjoying the club’s R&B music. Asked Kristel and her friends to help us take drinks as that night was ladies free flow will midnight, so it makes absolute common sense to ask them to take. Down a couple before midnight then was surprised to find Leonard there with his friends too! Think they’re having a guy’s night then asked them to join us but they wouldn’t budged.

Enjoyed the rest of the night dancing after finishing another jug of beer.

hmm… all in all I wasn’t feeling myself though… weird feeling I had… like I wasn’t really enjoying the party within my inner  self.

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