Sales! Rest and Relax…Cosy Bar… Giraffe

Yesterday, went for BFC in the morning then help out with a cashflow game.

Then went to the Adidas sale of up to 70% off. I was already a ready buyer trying to find some polo t-shirts but to no avail… It’s really disappointing that the stock variety over there is pathetic… Although there are many other colors but there’s just wasn’t the right size for me… so dewei and me went off disappointed at the sale itself.

But then we decided to try our luck at the Robinson’s sale next hall which opens till 29 Mar. Wow! There’s really quite a crowd over there and the fitting room queues were super long… After walking around, we managed to get some stuff for ourselves. I got 2 polos and a pants. Then both of us went over to get some facial masks =P Well, you must be thinking… two super vain guys getting masks that are used by women only. hahaha… but I tell you… once you reach a certain age, you should start taking care of your face, GUYS INCLUDED =). For me, I wouldn’t want to look like 35 when I just reached 30… but rather I want to look like 25 when I’m 30.

So that concluded our short little shopping spree.

Then we took train down to Orchard and took our dinner. There’s one incident which kind of makes us mad… We were looking for seats in the fully occupied Food Republic near the windows area. Then we saw two groups of people who are finished with their food. But they’re chatting and there’s only two guys in one of the group. Then dewei was saying to me that if here is Raffles Place then people will be automatic…but it wasn’t so and it’s even worse… The one of the guys took out a tissue and was trying his best to wipe some invisible stains off his white shoes! Then after going another 2 rounds, 2 groups of gals came and suddenly the 2 guys quickly packed up and leave! That totally pissed us off! >.< Such guys…really make my blood boil…Anyway, we totally went to the other area and found ourselves seats and carried on with our dinner.

After dinner, we walked around taka and got to know from a super pretty promoter that Hugo Boss just launched a new product last week called Element.

Then we wanted to find a bar to sit down as my shoulders are almost breaking because of the weight of my bag… Was thinking of Alley Bar, Acid Bar, No 5 or Ice Cold Beer but then Dewei suggested that we try out the Giraffe at Dhoby Ghaut just in between Park Mall and PS with all those fountain and water features. Once reached, there wasn’t many people, guess it’s the rainy weather that even Orchard isn’t that packed. The ambience is really nice and I would love to go there another time. I ordered their Giraffe Special which is kind of unique in a sense. Got a bit of the fruity taste to it. Dewei just ordered the Singapore Sling.

Well, now that I’ve looked at my time then I realized that this post is so long… hahahaha well, that’s my day! Really long but satisfying and fulfilling.

Giraffe Special
Giraffe Special
Singapore Sling
Singapore Sling

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New Internet Strategies…

Well, just taken a look at some of the courses that Jack sent me that deals with making money using pay-per-click(PPC) and he wanted me to complete all of the courses so I gave it all my best in learning everything then.

It’s really interesting and provides a lot of great insights into what is really behind the scenes of those making millions of dollars versus those who make a few dollars a day or even nothing…

If you really wanted to know more about what I’m learning, just email me or give me some comments. =)

Cya again…

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G.I. Joe Movie – The Rise of Cobra

Just saw the movie trailer for G.I. Joe that’s going to be released on this coming 8th July. Seemed like a nice show based on the graphics and effects from the trailer. Will be taking note and maybe watching it too.

Hey before I go off, I just came upon this great site that allows me to stream online movies, tv shows, music and videos at a really high speed. Maybe it can help you to view more shows. Just click here to sign up for an account and get that access. It’s really good! :D

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Rainy Days…Pondering Time

It’s raining now and I’m typing this at home while listening to radio. It just seems so long that I’ve listened to radio.

Today it’s a relaxing Sunday for me.

I’ve been thinking of a lot of things recently…about how my life turned out the way I wanted it to be. It’s just so interesting and unique that a person’s life can turned out so different even if their experiences are so similar or even if they comes from the same family background.

I have met some people who related their life stories to me these few days. Some are really successful in almost every aspect of their life, earning well over 6 figures or 7 figures income. They spoken to me about what I wanted in life and also regarding building my first pot of gold.

Well, haven you ever thought of how to build your first pot of gold? If you haven’t, maybe I can share with you what I’ve learned from it.

Okay good, the rain is clearing up. =) Back to listening my radio that’s playing “Nan Ren Nu Ren” now.

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Needs Physical Improvement!

Went jogging on yesterday. Really felt the tiredness from the run itself. Clocked 30 mins for a 5km run… really not at my peak… need a lot of  improvement soon.

Well, owing to a busy schedule, I’ve tried to incorporate exercises whenever I can or have my free time. Though it wasn’t my ideal number of times, it’s still better than nothing. haha.

Anyway, still thinking of whether I can go for this year’s safra run or not coz of my schedule…

Also had lunch with Valerie at Vivo’s Kim Gary, food was okay coz I din expect much just that the chicken I ordered came with only a small portion of vegetables…pathetic. Then also saw Kristine, Vincent, Jasmine and Poh Soon and chatted awhile.

Later went over to get a pair of ear phones at Best Denki. Been thinking of getting it for so long already…

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Some Learnings During Camp

I went to a camp organized by another financial consultancy firm, starting with the letter P.

It was held at Singapore Shopping Centre, and I didn’t even know that there is one in SG. LOL. Well, for those  who don’t know where it is, it is just beside the Fish & Co. glass house at Dobhy Ghaut mrt station.

Well, it was a 1 day camp with an overnight stay and I’ve discovered many different principles that is very helpful to my life right now. It just helped me to focus much better on what I wanted in life currently.

The organisation has shared with me 5 pillars of guidelines for enhancing the way of life as well as be more successful and fulfilling in life.

What I’ve taken back from this camp is that:

  1. I’ve to take care of my family first
  2. Then take care of myself
  3. And take care of my organization
  4. Finally, to take care of my society

So essentially by following this order, I will be able to lead a more fulfilling and successful lifestyle.

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T Harv Eker’s Rich Life Club – Unleash Your Courageous Self!

I was listening to this audio Rich Life Club by Wendy Haines. She was talking about the topic on How to Move from the Life You’re in to the Life you WANT. After listening I felt I want to share with you some of the discoveries that I had from the audio.

But below are just some of the pointers that I have gotten from it.

There is no better time to get in touch with your dreams and ACT on them. Listen to what Wendy has to offer and you’ll be amazed at what you come away with.  By listening to this incredible session, Wendy Haines:  How to Move from the Life You’re in to the Life You WANT and I have discovered:

* How to DIRECT my attention
* What FEAR really is
* How to easily access my POSITIVITY… and stay grounded in that energy regardless of whatever else is going on around me
* Why being too busy can PREVENT me from achieving my dreams
* Techniques I can put to use immediately to UNCOVER my true desires
* Why SETTLING creates obstacles and actually creates more uncertainty in my life
* Specific steps I can take NOW to begin moving to my desired life
* How to turn my biggest LOSSES into my greatest OPPORTUNITIES
* Why CHANGE is an invitation for fear… but I don’t have to give in to it!
* And more!

If you’re determined to live your dreams, take this opportunity and begin NOW.

For those of you ready to take your life to the next level, get clear about your desires and face them head on, Click here to gain your own access to Rich Life Club.

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Marley and Me Review

Yesterday I was watching Marley and Me by invitation from Alvin. So I also invited Jack along too. So we had some refreshments and a movie for free. =)

Marley and Me is a movie about a labrador and Marley and his family. It basically talks about how his life revolves around Marley. How his career move up, family increases size and how they gotten old…

All in all, it’s a really nice show to watch and especially touching at the end. It’s really good for you dog-lovers out there. =)

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