Standard Charter Marathon Finisher

On sunday, just ran the ultimate race in my life again. A challenging 42.195km marathon. This is my second marathon and I ran with Jack.

Even before that night we were like still doing our work before we went to sleep. Woke up late or rather at 4am, then dilly dally a bit… almost forgotten that we need to pick up Geng Hui from West Coast :P

Realized that it was quite late when it was like 4.40am and the race is starting at 5.30am and we’re still at Jurong West… Lol.

When I sat in the car, I had the ride of my life again since the drifting experience in Malaysia. We were going at 213km/h (which is the top speed), and managed to pick up Geng Hui at 4.50am at West Coast and then reach Capitol Centre carpark by 5am and park the car.

Just nice, we went to the starting line and immediately started the race.

Beforehand, we had already strategize on how to conquer this race without much training. We thought we had one of the most hilarious strategies though. We walked for the first 5km where everyone else was like running with their full energy. We walked like this was a walkathon rather than a marathon. LOL.

I guess we were almost to the last few before we started to jog towards our mid-point GOAL – PowerGel. Because we knew by then we should be “dead” by around 20-22km…so needed that extra boost of energy. Lucky me, I’ve gotten 1 more extra powergel. Hee :p

Well, we saw that champion kenyan runner ran past us. I was comparing his leg size to my arms and I was so surprised that my arms was actually bigger than his legs… :-0

Ok… fast forward all those parts where we drank our beloved cold but diluted 100plus… that tasted so heavenly under those conditions. Saw some super cars from Ferrari at the F1 Grandstand. Think they had some opening or something. It’s quite a distraction for me instead of worrying about how to complete the run when I was reaching 39km.

Endurance and perseverance had to be the key elements that I used to complete this challenging run. But the most sucky thing is that we were planning to hit Sub-6 hours and calculated even down right to the minute. And today when we checked our timing… we were like WTH…. I clocked 6 hours and 2 secs… 2 miserably seconds and Jack gotten even worse… he gotten 6 hours 1 sec. Really blasted!

But nevertheless, I’ve improved even though I didn’t trained much for this run. So I must say I’m really blessed and fortunate. Hee.

So sometimes, with the right strategy and with some training and hard work, you can still improve on something – a skill, expertise etc.

Below are just some of the photos which I took from the official standard charter site.

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