Needs Physical Improvement!

Went jogging on yesterday. Really felt the tiredness from the run itself. Clocked 30 mins for a 5km run… really not at my peak… need a lot of  improvement soon.

Well, owing to a busy schedule, I’ve tried to incorporate exercises whenever I can or have my free time. Though it wasn’t my ideal number of times, it’s still better than nothing. haha.

Anyway, still thinking of whether I can go for this year’s safra run or not coz of my schedule…

Also had lunch with Valerie at Vivo’s Kim Gary, food was okay coz I din expect much just that the chicken I ordered came with only a small portion of vegetables…pathetic. Then also saw Kristine, Vincent, Jasmine and Poh Soon and chatted awhile.

Later went over to get a pair of ear phones at Best Denki. Been thinking of getting it for so long already…

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