Formula Drift 2009

Was just surfing the internet and chanced upon this event. It’s Formula Drift 2009. Some of the photos of their drifts were absolutely great and amazing because of the way they pitched their skills against one another.

This site talks about the recent formula drift that happened on July 4 & 5. You can take a look at the photos there at

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My First Race Car Drift Experience

Yesterday night, I had the ride of my life. It was my first real life experience sitting inside a race car – Nissan Silvia S15 – and racing, well I didn’t drive it but just sitting inside as a passenger. Now over with teaser, here’s the whole story on how I managed to sit inside a great race car.

I followed Jack over to malaysia as he wanted me to meet his partner, a malaysian’s car garage owner and also to assist him in giving business consultancy to his partner. We arrived quite late into Malaysia after some discussion on our own business at Woodland’s macdonalds itself. Jack’s Honda was still undergoing servicing so I let him drive my Nissan across the causeway as I’m not familiar with the roads over in Malaysia.

So we went over to and after quite some distance, we arrived at the garage. I was really amazed that they are still working as they are rushing for jobs to be completed. We joined in their meeting and while I was listening to their conversation and picking up the different kind of slang they use for their “car talk”, I noticed that their organization is kind of disorganized and there wasn’t any kind of proper systems in place. I did brought this up to Jack but didn’t mention it to his partner though.

So after the meeting ended, I just walked around the garage to take a look at how it is like to be in real garage with all these fast cars being modified. I saw Jack’s Honda, a Skyline, a Nissan Silvia all being modified. And finally outside the garage, there it is, their race car for drift competition. So after waiting, I fell asleep while sitting on a chair because I was very tired from all the different job interviews that I went during this whole week. Argh….Job Interviews…they are a real chore.

Well anyway, I think Jack saw me sleeping and just coincidentally, his partner(boss) wants to take the car for a spin and Jack immediately asked me to get into the car. So with a half-asleep mind, I just followed and sat into a full bucket seat which is really small and fit snuggly to my body frame. Then as usual, I wanted to put on my seat belt then he told me there isn’t any catch….I was stunned… But nevermind that as I thought it should be quite safe since it is a race car made for safety and performance.

Before I knew it, he already reversed and suddenly I was jerked back into my seat due to the sheer force generated from the superb acceleration of the car. We hit almost 150km/h in just about 150 to 200 metres, then comes the awesome drift turn at 100km/h that you will only see at those car stunt shows or Toyko Drift movie. I was thinking, damn… this is so exciting I really want to drive a fast car next time. So in the end, we did 2 whole rounds within the industrial park and went back to the garage and did the final “on the spot” spin that you can see in Tokyo Drift where there’s this part that the car spin around the girls’ car before taking the phone number. Well, they called it the “donut” which is the most basic drift spin.

So at the end of that ride, I was fully awake but had to wait a while more before we left the place. It was like the most eventful night experience I had. It was like I was living inside the Tokyo Drift movie. Well, that said that’s all for this post.

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