Cedli Meeting…Cake Buying

I’m supposed to buy a birthday cake for the CEDLI meeting that our team is conducting. Jack was handling the agenda and the retreat debrief, while CJ was the MC for the meeting. Daniel was our video man. Me? I’m handling the logistics and birthday cake for the birthday person in the month of feb.

Well, it’s really like no brainer to go and get a cake but I was really not adept at buying a birthday cake for so many people. This is like my first time… so questions like how large should I get? What kind of flavor should I get, etc… came to my mind… argh… Cakes… because if you buy the wrong ones (those really awful tasting ones) then you’ll really spoil that birthday celebration atmosphere.

So I walked over to Bugis Junction from our office at Gateway, thinking of which shop should I get the cake from. Saw Four Leaves and went to take a look…hmm… their selection seems nice and appealing. Then I went over to BreadTalk to look at their selection… I was like… wah… those are really kind of pathetic… they have those like fruit cakes and stuff… not really to my liking.

Then I went over to Four Leaves again and saw that they have black forest. Good. Black forest is good. Now how big should I get it… I asked the lady serving me how big should I get if I have like 20 people and she was recommending the largest one to me which costs like $50+ and it’s huge and rectangular in shape… Should be more than 20 people and not exactly 20… So after thinking for a while, I decided to go for the second largest which is round.

Gotten the cake back and waited for the finale to start to bring in the cake. There’s only one birthday gal in the month of feb and that’s Penny.

Yay! In the end, the cake was just nice in quantity for everyone and everyone is happy with the flavor of the cake. Good!

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