Christmas House Party – Orchard Scotts Residence

Yesterday was Christmas and I really had fun last night with Zoe, Caecilia, Luis, Daniel and many more others at the Orchard Scotts Residence which we rented for X’mas celebration.

I had already anticipated that it will be another drinking session there with Zoe already preparing us beforehand with promises of giving out plastic bags as door gifts for us to puke. Lol.. that’s really thoughtful of her not to mess up the room.

Well, Luis as the usual nice guy, came to fetch us (Daniel, Caecilia, Me, Phyills and her bf) at around 11 but by the time we reached orchard, the road was jammed… At one moment in time, we thought we’re going to celebrate our X’mas in the car trapped in the Orchard road. But Luis as usual “cutting lane” king did some stunts and we’re able to make it in time to the place.

I remembered that the room was really beautiful, almost like a hotel setting with the exception of a kitchen. It have 2 rooms – a master and a guest. Saw some new faces that are friends of Zoe’s and her brother. Saw a shisha which they’re smoking and plenty of vodkas on the table. Well, one more from me too :p hahaha

As soon as we popped those party poppers at the stroke of midnight, the “real” drinking starts…. Zoe went around asking us to drink and bottoms up with wine, vodkas, or some other hard liquors which I can’t really remember. Unfortunately, I was also one of her targets… haha. Well, we had good fun, drinking, talking, basically just enjoying ourselves and the night.

But I guessed I really had too much of a drink last night… was really a horrible feeling… gotten a hangover this morning and can’t really recalled what happened after I plonked down onto the bed… hahaha… it’s like some lost memories that I won’t be able to recall no matter what. Had my fair share of hugging the toilet bowl and puking… phew… coming to think of it… that’s really gross… luckily it wasn’t captured on candid camera by Zoe. So people, don’t drink too much. It’s really a “not so good” feeling…

Well, anyway really had fun and it was my first time attending a house party with such great company! Really appreciate them as my friends :D

Wait! I’ve got some photos taken by Zoe

Okie… gotta rest my head (still groggy… @_@) now…. ciao…

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