Progressing In Life

Hi Everyone,

It’s been quite some time after Chinese New Year that I’m back into writing my blog post.

Sickness have been plaguing me ever since before CNY then after CNY, I recovered. Then now, I’m sick again… It’s such an awful feeling that I’m wondering if I’m really stressed out over work recently.

Well, stress is everywhere. It’s not just whether you can take it or not. Your mental state and physical body will also have to take it too. Else your body will break down and fall sick.

Recently, I’ve been working in a different area. Yes, I found that life is full of ups and downs but still I find life quite interesting for the time being. Because I’m still discovering what I love. There was many considerations in the first place but as time goes by, it seems clearer and clearer to me.

I really want to thank my friend, partner – Jack Lan ( for opening up such a great opportunity for me. Thank you Jack! =)

Now I know why in the last 5 years, what I was preparing for. It’s really such an interesting thought that everything seems to fall into place.

If you have no clue about what I’m talking about. It’s okay.

All I can say now is that my life is progressing to a different stage and I want to thank whoever is up there who’s watching over me. Thank you!

Sometimes, life’s miracles are created over time with hard, enduring effort and not just pure luck as most people will see it.

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