Health Insurance Exams Again – Yay Finally!

Today is my exam day again. After my last failure, I was determined to pass it this time round. Before today, I’ve already started to revise and memorize on all the mistakes which I had made before.

It was really challenging trying to overcome the experience and feelings of failure. But I was really fortunate to have a great friend, Jack, always encouraging me that I can make it. Thanks man! :D

Well, my exams was in the afternoon and I was in office studying for the whole day before I walked over to the exam hall(Suntec tower 2). Luckily, I went there earlier because when I just got there. It just poured heavily.

I did some last minute revision and went in. Initially, I know the answers to the questions and there were some repeat questions from my previous take. So my confidence went up. But I did encounter some difficult questions which really puzzled me… but nevermind on that. I went ahead and did my usual double checking.

But suddenly, there was fear in myself before clicking on the submit button. I hesitated for awhile but just went ahead in spite of fear. Because T Harv Eker said a successful person will always act in spite of fear no matter what kind of circumstances. So I also want to have that kind of mentality and thus went ahead.


I held my breath and saw in green PASS. I was super happy man :D That just made my day.

One step closer to my goal of becoming a financial consultant. YAY! :D

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Stephen Pierce Make Money On The Internet Workshop

Yesterday, Jack asked me if I’m able to attend a workshop by Stephen Pierce tomorrow. I agreed. For those of you who are not too sure about who he is. Stephen Pierce is an internet marketer who made his riches from the internet and becomes a multi-millionaire.

The workshop starts at 8am and so I had to wake up really early today just for the workshop because his workshop is conducted at Grand Mercure Roxy near east coast road and I live in Clementi.

Well, I met and network with many people at the workshop. It was really awesome! I’ve been networking these few weeks and gotten to know a lot of great people who are really like-minded with me.

The workshop is really great! Stephen Pierce taught us about the basics about internet marketing and how not starting right will be disastrous to any person who wants to build a business online. He even gave us a worksheet which automatically guide us to finding a profitable niche and make a business out of it.

It’s a really long time since I get in touch with Stephen Pierce again. It’s just refreshing to listen to him again on internet marketing. I’ve also refreshed my knowledge on it.

Made some new contacts and intending to connect with them soon.

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