New Year 2012

First of all, I would like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year.

Well, I hope 2011 is a good year for you. For 2011, it is a rather eventful year for me. A lot of things happened during the past year in many aspects of my life. I must say that I’ve learned a lot of lessons in 2011, both in personal and work.

Personally, I’ve saw some really horrible situations with my loved ones. I’ve loved, being loved, hurt and being hurt by my loved ones. Though sometimes it’s very painful but I’m always at dilemma. Even though it’s very painful but I always give in to them. Well, sometimes I just tell myself that it’s life. Not all things are perfect in life. As I’ve just recently discovered from my friend’s experience. A girl said to him, “I hate you but I love you”. When the love deepens, if it turns out the other way round due to any uneventful experience, the deep love might just become deep hatred. This can sometimes turn into a tricky situation that is quite difficult to solve. To me, people problems are the hardest to solve. That’s what I learned in business too. Like what Chinese said ?????????

Well, anyway I feel 2012 is and will be a better year for me. I will be using what I’ve learned over the years to create a better 2012 for myself.

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