New Year 2010

Hey Everyone,

It’s already the new year. Where and what did you do for the past 2009? Has it been a fruitful year for you?

Well, for some of you who would like to view their own life as it is. Whether you have done any accomplishments or not, it doesn’t really matter because you just want to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s me in 2009. But I just can’t take it anymore because whenever I think back to my past years, it’s been disappointing for me. I’m not sure if it’s me who always want to nitpick my own life. Damn..sometimes it is just so frustrating but then sometimes I’m just being so anal about it.. haha.. so contradicting..

When I think about this, I would like bang my head against the wall. I’m not too sure if you will also feel like this sometimes. Well, that’s for 2009. Hmph! 2010 will be a different one for me altogether. I realized that there’s ain’t much time left. I’m reaching my 30s soon.. that’s not good… :(

So I commit to myself and you (whoever you are who’s reading my blog THANK YOU FOR READING :D) that I will be striving hard for my goals in 2010. No more distractions, there’s only my career and business to think about. As for other aspects of life such as relationship, family, social, mental and spiritual, they will still be improved but they are not my main focus. My main focus is still to make my first pot of gold.

Now that I’ve stated my own goals. What I’ll be doing next is I will be stating them in specifics so that I can be reminded of them whenever I blogged. Plus, you can also put in words of encouragement for me too. :)

Thank you to you and all those who had read my blog in 2009. I really appreciate your readership. Please comment more so that I will know what to improve on.

Thank you once again.

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