New Internet Strategies…

Well, just taken a look at some of the courses that Jack sent me that deals with making money using pay-per-click(PPC) and he wanted me to complete all of the courses so I gave it all my best in learning everything then.

It’s really interesting and provides a lot of great insights into what is really behind the scenes of those making millions of dollars versus those who make a few dollars a day or even nothing…

If you really wanted to know more about what I’m learning, just email me or give me some comments. =)

Cya again…

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Resigning my first job

I’m in my future office now at Bugis, Parkview Square writing my resignation letter. Now I really know the feeling of writing a resignation letter. Plus, this is my first job and I’m already writing one in just seven months!

The feeling is just somewhat unreal. A bit of unsure as to how to properly pen the words to make it cordial and smoothen out the transition or rather the news. Hmm… but it’s really no surprise to my boss that I’m going to resign since I already told her that I’m going to leave by end dec.

Hey, I’ve already given her ample time in advance warning since Oct so she shouldn’t be surprised or anything. So even before today, I’ve already gotten a resignation template from my ex-colleague who resigned not too long ago. Talk about plagiarism when I was in my uni days, now at work I even have to copy a resignation letter. LOL.

So it wasn’t too hard for me to fill in the correct blanks and presto! A standard resignation letter which can be used now. Wow! I guess I can set up another website distributing these different templates including resignation letter. Haha :P That seems like a good idea :D Any takers?

Well, got it printed and signed and ready for the final date – 05 December 2008.

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Health Insurance Exams Again – Yay Finally!

Today is my exam day again. After my last failure, I was determined to pass it this time round. Before today, I’ve already started to revise and memorize on all the mistakes which I had made before.

It was really challenging trying to overcome the experience and feelings of failure. But I was really fortunate to have a great friend, Jack, always encouraging me that I can make it. Thanks man! :D

Well, my exams was in the afternoon and I was in office studying for the whole day before I walked over to the exam hall(Suntec tower 2). Luckily, I went there earlier because when I just got there. It just poured heavily.

I did some last minute revision and went in. Initially, I know the answers to the questions and there were some repeat questions from my previous take. So my confidence went up. But I did encounter some difficult questions which really puzzled me… but nevermind on that. I went ahead and did my usual double checking.

But suddenly, there was fear in myself before clicking on the submit button. I hesitated for awhile but just went ahead in spite of fear. Because T Harv Eker said a successful person will always act in spite of fear no matter what kind of circumstances. So I also want to have that kind of mentality and thus went ahead.


I held my breath and saw in green PASS. I was super happy man :D That just made my day.

One step closer to my goal of becoming a financial consultant. YAY! :D

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Stephen Pierce Make Money On The Internet Workshop

Yesterday, Jack asked me if I’m able to attend a workshop by Stephen Pierce tomorrow. I agreed. For those of you who are not too sure about who he is. Stephen Pierce is an internet marketer who made his riches from the internet and becomes a multi-millionaire.

The workshop starts at 8am and so I had to wake up really early today just for the workshop because his workshop is conducted at Grand Mercure Roxy near east coast road and I live in Clementi.

Well, I met and network with many people at the workshop. It was really awesome! I’ve been networking these few weeks and gotten to know a lot of great people who are really like-minded with me.

The workshop is really great! Stephen Pierce taught us about the basics about internet marketing and how not starting right will be disastrous to any person who wants to build a business online. He even gave us a worksheet which automatically guide us to finding a profitable niche and make a business out of it.

It’s a really long time since I get in touch with Stephen Pierce again. It’s just refreshing to listen to him again on internet marketing. I’ve also refreshed my knowledge on it.

Made some new contacts and intending to connect with them soon.

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Flatworld – Business Networking Session

Just now I went for a Networking Session under an invitation from Danny Ng. Well, I don’t know him but just that he sent me a sms inviting me to a networking session after he gotten my namecard from the Millionaire Mind Intensive.

So I accepted the invitation and went ahead. It was at ScoreBot, a cafe like shopfront with an office on the second floor. And it’s opposite of my future workplace at Parkview Square, Bugis.

The moment I got in, it was such a warm atmosphere with people introducing themselves to one another. I also got in touch with an old friend or rather I attended his grooming workshop before. Anyway, it was really filled with people and we exchanged namecards with one another. Getting to know their names have been a challenge to me but I’m slowly getting the hang of it already.

Through meeting more and more people, I’m starting to expand my network and remembering faces and names need to take a little bit more patience.

So they introduced Flatworld which is another networking group similar to BnI group, but just that it doesn’t have the strict regulations like the latter. Flatworld itself originated from Malaysia and they already had more than 400 merchants in their network. They are really easy going and there was more freedom given to each individual who joined the Flatworld.

After the short introductory on Flatworld, we again went on to network among ourselves. In the end, I got to know a few people and chatted for quite some time before leaving.

I really felt that this is a really valuable session. I’ve met up with many people and really expanded my horizons and knowledge through my interactions with them. Of course, namecards were exchanged so that we can still remember each other and maintain contact still.

Well, they invited me to their launch of Flatworld in Singapore next friday and I agreed upon their invitation since I will get to know more people in that bigger event.

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Millionaire Mind Intensive Results – T Harv Eker

WOW! The experience from T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive was really awesome! Anyone can literally change his or her life based on what he shared and taught us during these 3 days.

It’s really a super seminar which I really enjoyed very much. T Harv Eker is truly different from many speakers. He spoke very candidly and offer you the reality in life although sometimes it might be hard for me or anyone to accept. But still, we need to face our challenges so that we will grow and overcome any similar ones in the future.

T Harv Eker really taught us the basic fundamentals of wealth creation and the principles behind it. It was such a simple formula that anyone can follow. I was especially inspired by one of the videos that he showed us.

It showed this lady who doesn’t have money and by using the 6 Money Jars concepts, she became a millionaire in two and a half years. Right now, she’s helping out with him in his business. This is one of exceptional examples that we can do our best to model after because she’s broke and literally going to file for bankruptcy but still she made it out from that situation.

How many of us had experience that kind of situation before and walk out of it unscathed? I don’t know and most probably wouldn’t want to get into that kind of situation.

So in the end, we were gotten ourselves another 90 day follow through program that we need to follow in order to create the kind of success that we wanted.

All I can say that it will be really up to us to put the concepts and learnings of these 3 days into good use and master them for life. Else it will just be another wasted trip that is motivating during the 3 days but essentially does not help you in anyway.

But do you know that T Harv Eker got a secret website that help him with all the necessary information on how to make money and get in touch with all the super elite who can also help you? I just happened to get to know of this very secretive site recently and I want to share with you. It really help me a lot in making more money than I make currently. Click here to check it out now.

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Who is T Harv Eker? Author of Secrets of Millionaire Mind

Maybe many people might not know who is T Harv Eker so I took some time to find out more about him and share with you my findings on his website at and also gotten some Youtube videos to share with you.

Using the principles he teaches, T. Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in only 2 1/2 years! He combines a unique brand of ‘street-smarts with heart’. T. Harv Eker is the founder and president of Peak Potentials Training, the fastest growing personal development company in North America.

Eker is the author of the best-selling books, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and SpeedWealth.  He has also developed several highly-acclaimed courses such as The Millionaire Mind Intensive, Life Directions, Wizard Training and Train the Trainer. He is also the producer and trainer of the world-famous Enlightened Warrior Training.

You can get more information from his website though.

T Harv Eker : Untold Millionaire Secrets Live On Fox News

T Harv Eker : Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind Revealed…

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Millionaire Mind Intensive – T Harv Eker (6 Money Jars)

Two months back I bought the Millionaire Mind Intensive ticket from Roy. And today was the first day of the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Roy told me to go earlier so as to beat the crowd so I was wondering what crowd? Never had I imagined that it wasn’t a crowd but rather it was almost like another rush hour human traffic all congregated at Expo at 9am. All 5000+ people waiting to register and get into the seminar.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book

Who is it that is able to get so many people to attend his seminar? That’s none other than T Harv Eker, For those of you who doesn’t know him, he’s actually a multi-millionaire who wrote the book – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He’s also a speaker, who charges USD50,000 for a full day presentation.

What really impressed me was the huge turnout for the seminar itself. I thought with this kind of turnout, he must be making tons of money and very famous too. It was a 3 day seminar and I expected it to be a really good one to hyped up my energy levels since my energy levels were really low these few days.

So when the seminar starts, we were really prep up and I really can see people were enjoying themselves. Dancing and singing along and following those exercises really helps us boost our motivation and re-energized us. I just felt like a kid once again, a kid who dares to reach for his dreams.

I really want to get the most out of this seminar and really listen and actively participate. As what T Harv said, we need to play the game at level 10 in order to win. A level 10 energy level will bring about a level 10 results. So I did my best to play at level 10 in order to really experience what he was saying. The experience is really addictive :p I really got on the hang of it and was at level 10.

Suddenly I just felt so relieved of any tension or stress from my body and felt that I can move forward in life to reach for my dreams once again. For those of you who been to the seminar, I’m sure you will understand how it felt to be like there live with T Harv Eker speaking. For those of you who still don’t have a chance to experience all of these, you can just contact me and I’ll do my best to get you inside and experience it.

Just Day One alone and I had learned a marverlous concept of how to really become rich in a few short years instead of the decades that we thought is needed.  It was the 6 money jars that really enlightened me and I decided to commit to using them to improve my life wholeheartedly.

Well, it’s already quite late and I still have to wake up early for Day Two. I’ll be updating you guys tomorrow about what I had learned and experienced.

Oh yeah… Almost forgotten to say this. I just got to know of this fantastic website that is talking about how T Harv Eker makes his money and I signed up for it. It’s been helping me with great results. I though it might even help you. Just click here and take  a look yourself, make sure to sign up for it.

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Inspiring Church Session with Alvaro Sanchez

Today I was invited by Richard to his church session. Their church had a special guest today. He’s called Alvaro Sanchez, He’s a guitarist and harpist. I wasn’t too sure who he was though since I haven’t heard his name before.

But before he was invited to the stage to perform, I joined them in singing some songs to praise the lord. At one moment in time, I was overcame with emotions and tears were welling up in my eyes. I guess it’s just me who haven’t been in touch with the higher power and suddenly there was a connection and my body suddenly felt the intense emotional and spiritual connection.

I realized that I just needed someone to guide me along through all these challenges that I was facing at this moment in time. The challenges that I faced emotionally, financially, mentally and spiritually. I just needed that higher power to connect and support me along. And in just this session, I felt that deep deep connection that I had neglected for years.

Suddenly it just came in like a cloak of warmth had surrounded me, filled me with love, blessings and positive energy. It was such a great feeling. =)

Before Alvaro Sanchez started his performance, he also gave some speech and his bio. I was really surprised when he told us that he performed for the opening of the Olympics in Rome,  for Queen of England, and even for our President. He added that he normally charged a lot for his concerts but today he just want to perform for us for free because we’re all worshiping God and he also wants to play his music through the hand of God in reaching excellence.

And so when he came on stage to perform, he was really good and I really mean VERY GOOD, or rather SUPERB. He played with such intensity and precision that the music really carried his emotions and love out. The music emanated pure love and blessings to the audience and they were such soothing pieces.

As I was closing my eyes listening intently to his music, I was pleasantly surprised at one point in time when I heard a change in tempo. I opened my eyes and he was there playing the guitar with his left hand instead of his right. And there he was, playing with just one hand. Amazing!

Next comes the harp, it was my first time listening to a harpist. I was really anticipating what kind of music it would be like. Never did I expected that when he started playing, the music just went straight and touched into my heart. It was the first time anything like that had happened. I had the most wonderful experience that the music was filled with the love for his God and he just wanted to bless us with his music. It was so touching!

In the end, I went back and bought one of his CDs called Springs of Life, and even gotten his autograph :D

It was such a fruitful morning which I listened in front of a world-class talented musician performing and paid nothing except my attention to listen wholeheartedly and appreciate the music.

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Decision Time – Making Money Here I Come!

Today is the day which I will stop brooding over everything and decide on where I should go in my next phase of my life.

Started the day together with Jack by going to their monthly meeting. Ate some prata for breakfast before reaching Capital Towers. Went in and saw many people and Jack started introducing me to some of the managers and colleagues.

It just seems so long since I have been a seminar and be one of the audiences. I was there listening to their presentation and it was really enlightening for me. It just seems to me that I’ve missed out a lot of things during the past one year. And then they also proceeded to talked about the recent financial credit crunch and how it will affect the financial advisers in the next couple of months.

Well after the meeting, we went to their office and I proceeded to fill in all the application forms and found out that my degree was able to exempt me from M6 CMFAS exams. Good. One less exam to take and more savings. :D

So by evening, I’ve decided a very important decision for me to live on and move on to achieve my dreams. I will not stop for anyone now because I know that I can only rely on myself for support. Yes, friends and loved ones may be able to provide some support but still it just boils down to my own individual inspiration/desperation or willpower/faith to make my dreams a reality.

To me, now the most important thing is to be successful and to be able to buy my own honda civic fd2 by June 30th next year. I also aim to buy a condo by next year end by Christmas. So I really need to work hard for my dreams to be a reality.

For that to happen, I will need focus and support. I can’t be spending extra time thinking about unproductive issues and also need to gain the support from my family and friends for my new career.

So decided! Money making here I come! I’m already sensing that my next year will be the start of a really great time for the rest of my lifetime.

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it. Feel free to leave down a comment or two.

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