Uplifting Facial Treatment – Younger by 5 Years Instantly

Wow! Today is really an amazing day for me! :D I went to Janice’s place for a facial treatment and what I got as a result was a surprise for myself.

People who know me will always tell me to get some rest because of my eyebags that are due to lack of sleep. For me, I guess I am really too complacent about my face already. But when I hit 25, I instinctively knew that I really need to take care of my face. So I went in search for some facial treatment and ways on taking care of my face i.e. using masks and stuff like that. But then I met Janice who really shared a lot of her facial knowledge with me and I started to know more about how to properly take care of my skin.

Today as scheduled, I went for my Artistry Experience which checked the condition of my hair, scalp, face and even till the size of my facial pores. It’s such a eye-opener for me as I finally know that not only I gotten oily skin but I’ve got dry skin underneath my oil layer. So in effect, I’ve always gotten my skin condition kind of wrong. After that, the consultant taught me the proper way to take care of my hair, scalp and face by showing it to me and demo on me. Well for me, it was really a new experience and when Janice came, she immediately noticed my face and asked if the consultant did put some powder on my face which in fact didn’t.

So when we got back to Janice’s place where she prepared all the necessary things needed to help do a facial for me, I took some photos of myself as I wanted to get those “Before and After” look in order to really see the difference. The photos are in the order of before getting the facial done, during the process of every step i.e. scrubbing, putting on mask, after the detox treatment, after hydrating and finally full face.








So right now, after this uplifting experience by Janice, I’ve totally in full faith of the products and will continue using them and also learn more from Janice about how to take care of my face properly.

Hey, since you’ve been reading for so long, why not like this? I’ll extend to you an invitation. If you want to get this kind of experience or just want to learn more about facial skin care on how to take care of your face properly, I’ll be happy to share with you the knowledge.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at: brian @ lamyungching.com or 9862 1579. Or if you prefer, just leave a comment for me. Enjoy your day! :D

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