Forex Is A Game

Recently I have been learning Forex and been trading Forex too. I still remember that I learned it in 2 years back ago. That was my first experience with Forex.

At that time, I was still very puzzled and clueless about what trading and investment is all about. Neither did I find myself that after 1 and half years later which is now, I’ve already traded Forex and came to love it.

It is a rather great market where great riches are born. But there are also some people who might lose it all… That was me when I first started trading. Emotions particularly Greed came over me and made me lose a lot of money. At this time, I stop and think and plan for my next step in life.

What should you do when you first lose money in trading? Well, I must say this is also a period whereby some of my friends also lost money. Sometimes I just wondered if all these are coincidence or not or it is just the market doing a correction to eliminate the weaker players in the market. The market just forces everyone to learn from its mistakes.

We humans love to make mistakes, make some more mistakes until it is unbearable before we start to learn from them. This is just what we call as we only learn through pain. If the pain level is very high, we will learn from these mistakes forever and never ever make them again.

Forex is almost like the Fast and Furious movie. Sometimes, it can be so adrenaline rushing when you entered and your profits increase in just minutes. Or the other way round though.

So that my kind of view on Forex, maybe it will change in the future.

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