Rest day

Today I’m able to rest after a hard week. For past few weeks I’ve been working very hard and had put in lots of hours.

This has caused a deterioration of my health and I’ve been sick for the past few weeks. Nevertheless, I’ve been working too.

It’s been so tiring at times. But I managed to pull through. That time I also had an exam which is very stressful. On that day of my final exam, I was so stressed that i woke up in fear. That was like the first time in my whole life that I was so afraid of taking an exam.

Today finally is a rest day for me. Went to temple to pray and then gone back home for family dinner. Then I also had an enjoyable time with my 3 nephews. Cute little kids. :)

Thinking of nothing and stoning can be good sometimes. Hahaha

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Day After Day…

Since my license came, a lot have been happening and my days seemed to whirled passed everyday without any recollection of it. It just seems that I have been so busy that everything has been happening so fast in such a short time that I’m still trying to adapt.

But one thing good is that I’ve met many new personalities and friends who are also like-minded and working hard for their future even when I’m typing this.

My day suddenly seems so long but is really packed and fulfilling at the end of the day. I will try to recollect but it just seems that my eyes can close at any moment of time. Well, now I gotta go meet up with CJ and Jack for a short while.


Good night~

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