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Today was a really great day. Under the invite of CJ, I had to go for the Get Real interview together with Jack on the opinions of CJ’s relationship with Yanni. But before that, I did help out with Xing Rong with their POV when Hiromi came to SG for her next seminar which is from 1 Oct to 4 Oct.

Went and help out with the event because it is an exclusive all guys event so only guys allowed into the event premises. Sorry ladies. The topic is about how to tackle ladies in the real life. So I helped out as well as learn some more knowledge form Hiromi. Thank!

Half way during the workshop, CJ and me have to leave for St James to conduct the interview with Mediacorp. So on we went and I did my interview and CJ told me that I spoke like quite a lot because most of the time, I didn’t really speak that much. Haha. Hmm.. wasn’t camera shy either :D So waited for Jack for his interview session and then we proceeded inside to shoot some background shots.

Did a few shots and felt like models going in and out because of the different takes. Some people are curious about why 3 guys are being filmed and we were approached by the ladies who sells drinks and told her we’re actually doing filming. Told us that we should get the drinks after all. Felt so weird hahahah. Well, in the end, we didn’t get anymore drinks and went off from St James to have some supper before coming back home now.

So right now, I’m going to sleep. Next time then :D Nite!

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