New Author Coming Aboard

Today I’m really happy because my great friend, Zoe commented about my blog. She said that my blog is really stressful and very business like. She then asked me to include some travels and entertainment into my blog. So I was thinking of maybe putting up some of my daily random thoughts.

But then there was an idea that shot up in my brain. Why not just invite her to become one of my contributors in my blog. So I just asked Zoe to be my author and she agreed readily.

After setting up with the user account for her, I was actually choosing the access levels between Author and Contributor and I found that as a Contributor, you will be quite limited as you will not be able to post your own posts.

So finally, I just gave her the Author rights and made her officially an Author of my blog. Hmm… but I’m not too sure about when she will be posting her first blog post though. Haha… I’ve gotten a really beautiful lady to post on my blog. Yay! :D

Now that’s Zoe below!

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