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After my last post on my progress in life, I decided to write a bit more on the updates in my life again. In these recent months, I have made a lot of progress in almost all aspects of my life.

Ever since leaving to handle full-time on my own business, I had new breakthroughs in terms of personal as well as business and career aspects. I had started to know more people and also new network of people who are genuine in person and they also want to help me.

However, I am still handling and learning my lesson from my financial decisions. It was really a hard lesson to learn and there’s no one to lament to. Well, actually I don’t really like to lament but to some degree I had to because of the pent up stress in me.

Yesterday, when I was taking a bus back to my office and I saw one uncle and his grandson taking the bus together. His grandson sat beside me initially then moved to sit beside his grandfather. He looks so innocent and when he called out to his grandfather as “Gong Gong”, I just felt a tinge of sadness in my heart. I’m not exactly sure about what exactly triggers this but immediately tears welled up in my eyes. Till now I’m still not sure about what’s the trigger point for me. Maybe they are just too innocent to know how exactly this world is like. For children, everything is so much fun for them.

We adults sometimes think a little too much on what we actually have to do and we care too much on what the others think and look at us. All these things actually doesn’t matter much for anyone. I’ve slowly started to let go of all these but it’s an arduous process. These things will make a person happy but more often than not, it will make the person sad because we tend to look at the negative part of our life and make comparisons.

Well, I’m not exactly sure if all these make sense to even you but right now, I’m writing this on a Saturday afternoon in my office. Sometimes, I just think that whether should I still stay on this journey to success, happiness, wealth and health. Because sometimes when all the obstacles come all at once, I will be overwhelmed and the thought of giving up will float behind my mind. As this was a long journey since I started out during when I’m 19 years old. But I still haven’t achieve a certain level of success.

Sometimes I just need a short break for myself. Heard that looking at the sea has a calming effect. Maybe I should head down to the east coast tomorrow.

You take care too, my readers! :)

Cya again!

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