Nice long weekend & revelation

It’s another of Singapore’s public holiday. Good for me as I can rest abit over the weekend. Really hadn’t had a good rest since started work. There have been challenges and issues and revelations. Life is so unpredictable. Sometimes you can’t predict what is going to happen. Life’s short. Make the best of it. We always had a lot to do but please think of your family and loved ones too. That’s one of the lessons that I learnt recently. Appreciate those who have helped you before. As what Jim Rohn said “One person caring about another represent life’s greatest value”. This is awesome!

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Anthony Robbins – Unleash The Power Within Seminar (Discounted)

Just want to share with you some great news that I have.

Anthony Robbins is holding his Unleash the Power Within Seminar on September 4-7 at the Singapore Expo.

Full details of what’s gonna be covered in the 4 days can be found at:

I’ve checked with the organizers and confirmed the following:
– It’s 4 days live, not like previous years where they had Tony Robbins on video and not in person
– Tony might bring his own team of about 2 other trainers to help him, but this is his core programme and it will mainly be him training, and not a preview with different speakers selling their own programmes.

The last time when he came to Singapore a few years back, the tickets were priced at about $1700 & above. The Gold tickets this time are going for S$995!

If you’re interested to go, I have some Gold-seating tickets at S$895 (Discount of $100 Off ), but I need to confirm with them by this week.  That’s the lowest it can get already, as my friend told me that they’re gonna increase the price nearer to the date.

Contact me via my mobile at 98621579 or email me asap as some of my friends already shown interest and I can’t promise anything unless you let me know soon.


UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN is a weekend event with world-renowned results coach Tony Robbins, who has impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 countries. Robbins invites you to a weekend of powerful immersion into the finest strategies, tools and resources available for creating an extraordinary quality of life?where you not only achieve your ultimate goals, but you also experience the profound fulfillment that you may have only dreamed about in the past.

UNLEASH THE POWER WITHIN is about seizing the power that is already within you and using it to lead a life of your own design, rather than one that’s been scripted for you by your environment, your history, society, or anyone else. It’s about not settling for less than you can be – in all areas of your life.


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Create Your Balanced, Empowered, and Authentic Life NOW

Has the world sucked the wind out of your sails lately?  I see many people for whom that’s true.  Sometimes, life and the momentum of striving for or maintaining success can leave you overwhelmed and exhausted.

Notice if YOUR life looks the way you’ve envisioned it.  If not, then ask yourself, have you strayed from your original path?  Or, have you been living someone else’s idea of what your life should look like?

If you are financially successful then you should be fully ENJOYING that success.   And not just in a material way, also in your relationships, your peace of mind and with an excitement in creating your days as you wish.

For those of you who are seeking more financial abundance, then coming from a place of ease and enthusiasm will make the journey much more THRILLING – and getting there can be FUN.

If you are not living your life in every way you desire, it’s time to stop settling and START THRIVING!


You can begin right NOW by taking the first step, CLICK HERE NOW


So many people get caught up in the BUSY-NESS of every day life.  Task after task and filling their days with unending lists of to-do’s, waiting for that special day when they will “arrive”. There is no arriving – YOU ARE THERE NOW.

Also, you can get caught in a web of anxiety and doubt when things aren’t happening exactly the way you think they should. There’s an illusion in too much doing-ness and what happens is that you forget to leave space for MAGIC.  You need to leave room for a different, better way than you thought of and you can’t do that if you are so attached to a particular way a goal “has to” happen.  Instead, learn to flow and let it happen in ways you may not have been able to imagine.

Regardless of where you are in your life, you can choose more fulfillment RIGHT NOW in all areas. Seize the OPPORTUNITY to live a more balanced, authentic and THRIVING life.


If you know that want to take your life to the next level, do it now, CLICK HERE.


Would you be interested in learning the #1 KEY to HAPPINESS….NO MATTER WHAT?  Yes, that’s right, you can overcome the need for approval, master the art of dis-obligation and move beyond the limitations of needing the world to show up in a certain way to ensure your happiness, safety and well-being.  There is great POWER in being self-referenced.

What if there was a magic principle that would automatically bring more peace, simplicity and well being into your life?  Would you practice it?  We’ll see.

Wendy Haines has developed a unique SIX MONTH program that reveals the six secrets to a THRIVING life.  Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique, potent and highly effective program that has taken people from ordinary to extraordinary.


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Wendy Haines is a remarkable teacher, not only because her work has proven to be LIFE CHANGING for her clients, but also because she has lived the principles she teaches.  She has faced the challenge of a life-threatening illness and overcome it.  She has also pushed herself to her edge physically, mentally and emotionally in both her professional and personal life.

As a successful theatrical and commercial actress whose life has led her down a diverse and extraordinary path, Wendy has chosen to harness her valuable insights and offer them as a way to assist, inspire and empower.

These accessible, effective teachings come to you in a potent six month format that will not only leave you informed, but TRANSFORMED.

Imagine having the secret formula for how to THRIVE in your life.  You don’t have to settle for success in one arena.  You can thrive in all areas of life.  Wendy Haines reveals six secret principles in this one-of-a-kind SIX month program.  Her accessible, effective teachings guide you step by step to a happier, more fulfilled, THRIVING life. Learn these secrets consistently, over time, in order to integrate the principles and practices and create lasting change for a balanced, empowered and authentic life!

Seize this opportunity to immerse yourself in a potent, unique and highly effective process that has taken people from ordinary to extraordinary. Act on this opportunity NOW.

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POV Hiromi Workshop

Yesterday was the workshop of my life. Went to Hiromi workshop and really realized a lot of things happening in my life that are in effect causing many things to happen too.

Had a sudden realization on how my ancestry were linked to each and individual success and failures. It was really an experiential workshop which everyone should be going to experience what we as people have been ignoring all these years.

Well, I was sad on the last day as Hiromi sensei was going to leave Singapore for Japan and I really loved the teachings of Hiromi sensei. She is such a wonderful lady who shared and taught us on many different topics of life.

I would  like to express my appreciation and thanks to Hiromi Sensei and all of the staff in GrowthVision for making the workshop possible. Thank you!

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How to Affect Great Change With Simple Acknowledgment

Have you noticed that most people tend to FOCUS on what’s wrong rather than what’s right? For those of us who don’t, we are still affected by those that do.  But there is something YOU can do to change that and create a different environment for yourself.  And, it WORKS.  It may not be COMFORTABLE but it’s SIMPLE.

In this Rich Life Club exclusive session with Judy Umlas, learn how a simple thing like acknowledging someone can make a BIG difference in EVERY area of your life.

Click on this link to hear this remarkable session, Judy Umlas:  How to Affect Great Change With Simple Acknowledgment and discover:

  • Why acknowledging is DIFFICULT for most people
  • Where the POWER of acknowledgment really lies
  • How SPEAKING UP can change your life
  • HOW acknowledgement AFFECTS the workplace
  • What it takes to acknowledge someone
  • How intimacy is created
  • How to neutralize JELEOUSY
  • And much more!

As Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Click on this link now, Judy Umlas:  How to Affect Great Change With Simple Acknowledgment.

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Some Learnings During Camp

I went to a camp organized by another financial consultancy firm, starting with the letter P.

It was held at Singapore Shopping Centre, and I didn’t even know that there is one in SG. LOL. Well, for those  who don’t know where it is, it is just beside the Fish & Co. glass house at Dobhy Ghaut mrt station.

Well, it was a 1 day camp with an overnight stay and I’ve discovered many different principles that is very helpful to my life right now. It just helped me to focus much better on what I wanted in life currently.

The organisation has shared with me 5 pillars of guidelines for enhancing the way of life as well as be more successful and fulfilling in life.

What I’ve taken back from this camp is that:

  1. I’ve to take care of my family first
  2. Then take care of myself
  3. And take care of my organization
  4. Finally, to take care of my society

So essentially by following this order, I will be able to lead a more fulfilling and successful lifestyle.

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T Harv Eker’s Rich Life Club – Unleash Your Courageous Self!

I was listening to this audio Rich Life Club by Wendy Haines. She was talking about the topic on How to Move from the Life You’re in to the Life you WANT. After listening I felt I want to share with you some of the discoveries that I had from the audio.

But below are just some of the pointers that I have gotten from it.

There is no better time to get in touch with your dreams and ACT on them. Listen to what Wendy has to offer and you’ll be amazed at what you come away with.  By listening to this incredible session, Wendy Haines:  How to Move from the Life You’re in to the Life You WANT and I have discovered:

* How to DIRECT my attention
* What FEAR really is
* How to easily access my POSITIVITY… and stay grounded in that energy regardless of whatever else is going on around me
* Why being too busy can PREVENT me from achieving my dreams
* Techniques I can put to use immediately to UNCOVER my true desires
* Why SETTLING creates obstacles and actually creates more uncertainty in my life
* Specific steps I can take NOW to begin moving to my desired life
* How to turn my biggest LOSSES into my greatest OPPORTUNITIES
* Why CHANGE is an invitation for fear… but I don’t have to give in to it!
* And more!

If you’re determined to live your dreams, take this opportunity and begin NOW.

For those of you ready to take your life to the next level, get clear about your desires and face them head on, Click here to gain your own access to Rich Life Club.

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Working at End of CNY

Today is the end of Chinese New Year called Yuan Xiao. Because of this, my ex-boss, Kim, asked me if I wanted to work or not for this event. Since I was having a bit of free time and also wanted to catch up with him and maybe Kenny, I agreed to work today.

So I was there at the Tian Fu Gong at Telok Ayer street. This event was held by the Hokkien Association of Singapore.

I was supposed to be the in-charge for firing the confetti cannons which marks the start and the end of the celebration. The first cue was good, but the second cue when I have to wait for the white colorful dragon to go off wasn’t timed accurately. Because there wasn’t any cue signal that I can follow and luckily Kim was around to see that the dragon was going off and told me to fire. Else I think it will just go off without my confetti shots.

The event was supposed to start at 7pm but it kind of dragged as usual… to 8pm before the actual performance starts. And I hadn’t had dinner at that time yet…

Well, overall the performance was only okay, not that fantastic and with some cockups… Saw that there’s some communication lags that caused the cockups..

Hmm… after the work, it just pack up and go. But I’m really tired after everything because I have not been doing these kind of “siong” activities except for exercising. Last I did was last year. Hmm…am I getting weak? Damn… need to train up once again. Nevermind, it will give me more energy. :D

Ciao~ I’m going to rest already.

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STL Lesson 1

I’ve signed up for STL lesson, a course that is part of POV. Today’s my first lesson. STL is all about relationship handling and it’s a new way of handling issues in life.

Basically, what I’ll be going through is a radical change of my perspective on life issues itself with connection to the subsconsicous and the unconscious aspect of our mind.

The course is conducted by Yanni, you can read more about her at her blog at:

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Who is T Harv Eker? Author of Secrets of Millionaire Mind

Maybe many people might not know who is T Harv Eker so I took some time to find out more about him and share with you my findings on his website at and also gotten some Youtube videos to share with you.

Using the principles he teaches, T. Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in only 2 1/2 years! He combines a unique brand of ‘street-smarts with heart’. T. Harv Eker is the founder and president of Peak Potentials Training, the fastest growing personal development company in North America.

Eker is the author of the best-selling books, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and SpeedWealth.  He has also developed several highly-acclaimed courses such as The Millionaire Mind Intensive, Life Directions, Wizard Training and Train the Trainer. He is also the producer and trainer of the world-famous Enlightened Warrior Training.

You can get more information from his website though.

T Harv Eker : Untold Millionaire Secrets Live On Fox News

T Harv Eker : Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind Revealed…

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