Nice long weekend & revelation

It’s another of Singapore’s public holiday. Good for me as I can rest abit over the weekend. Really hadn’t had a good rest since started work. There have been challenges and issues and revelations. Life is so unpredictable. Sometimes you can’t predict what is going to happen. Life’s short. Make the best of it. We always had a lot to do but please think of your family and loved ones too. That’s one of the lessons that I learnt recently. Appreciate those who have helped you before. As what Jim Rohn said “One person caring about another represent life’s greatest value”. This is awesome!

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New Year 2012

First of all, I would like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year.

Well, I hope 2011 is a good year for you. For 2011, it is a rather eventful year for me. A lot of things happened during the past year in many aspects of my life. I must say that I’ve learned a lot of lessons in 2011, both in personal and work.

Personally, I’ve saw some really horrible situations with my loved ones. I’ve loved, being loved, hurt and being hurt by my loved ones. Though sometimes it’s very painful but I’m always at dilemma. Even though it’s very painful but I always give in to them. Well, sometimes I just tell myself that it’s life. Not all things are perfect in life. As I’ve just recently discovered from my friend’s experience. A girl said to him, “I hate you but I love you”. When the love deepens, if it turns out the other way round due to any uneventful experience, the deep love might just become deep hatred. This can sometimes turn into a tricky situation that is quite difficult to solve. To me, people problems are the hardest to solve. That’s what I learned in business too. Like what Chinese said ?????????

Well, anyway I feel 2012 is and will be a better year for me. I will be using what I’ve learned over the years to create a better 2012 for myself.

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Some Thoughts in Life…

After my last post on my progress in life, I decided to write a bit more on the updates in my life again. In these recent months, I have made a lot of progress in almost all aspects of my life.

Ever since leaving to handle full-time on my own business, I had new breakthroughs in terms of personal as well as business and career aspects. I had started to know more people and also new network of people who are genuine in person and they also want to help me.

However, I am still handling and learning my lesson from my financial decisions. It was really a hard lesson to learn and there’s no one to lament to. Well, actually I don’t really like to lament but to some degree I had to because of the pent up stress in me.

Yesterday, when I was taking a bus back to my office and I saw one uncle and his grandson taking the bus together. His grandson sat beside me initially then moved to sit beside his grandfather. He looks so innocent and when he called out to his grandfather as “Gong Gong”, I just felt a tinge of sadness in my heart. I’m not exactly sure about what exactly triggers this but immediately tears welled up in my eyes. Till now I’m still not sure about what’s the trigger point for me. Maybe they are just too innocent to know how exactly this world is like. For children, everything is so much fun for them.

We adults sometimes think a little too much on what we actually have to do and we care too much on what the others think and look at us. All these things actually doesn’t matter much for anyone. I’ve slowly started to let go of all these but it’s an arduous process. These things will make a person happy but more often than not, it will make the person sad because we tend to look at the negative part of our life and make comparisons.

Well, I’m not exactly sure if all these make sense to even you but right now, I’m writing this on a Saturday afternoon in my office. Sometimes, I just think that whether should I still stay on this journey to success, happiness, wealth and health. Because sometimes when all the obstacles come all at once, I will be overwhelmed and the thought of giving up will float behind my mind. As this was a long journey since I started out during when I’m 19 years old. But I still haven’t achieve a certain level of success.

Sometimes I just need a short break for myself. Heard that looking at the sea has a calming effect. Maybe I should head down to the east coast tomorrow.

You take care too, my readers! :)

Cya again!

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Progressing In Life

Hi Everyone,

It’s been quite some time after Chinese New Year that I’m back into writing my blog post.

Sickness have been plaguing me ever since before CNY then after CNY, I recovered. Then now, I’m sick again… It’s such an awful feeling that I’m wondering if I’m really stressed out over work recently.

Well, stress is everywhere. It’s not just whether you can take it or not. Your mental state and physical body will also have to take it too. Else your body will break down and fall sick.

Recently, I’ve been working in a different area. Yes, I found that life is full of ups and downs but still I find life quite interesting for the time being. Because I’m still discovering what I love. There was many considerations in the first place but as time goes by, it seems clearer and clearer to me.

I really want to thank my friend, partner – Jack Lan ( for opening up such a great opportunity for me. Thank you Jack! =)

Now I know why in the last 5 years, what I was preparing for. It’s really such an interesting thought that everything seems to fall into place.

If you have no clue about what I’m talking about. It’s okay.

All I can say now is that my life is progressing to a different stage and I want to thank whoever is up there who’s watching over me. Thank you!

Sometimes, life’s miracles are created over time with hard, enduring effort and not just pure luck as most people will see it.

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New Year 2010

Hey Everyone,

It’s already the new year. Where and what did you do for the past 2009? Has it been a fruitful year for you?

Well, for some of you who would like to view their own life as it is. Whether you have done any accomplishments or not, it doesn’t really matter because you just want to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s me in 2009. But I just can’t take it anymore because whenever I think back to my past years, it’s been disappointing for me. I’m not sure if it’s me who always want to nitpick my own life. Damn..sometimes it is just so frustrating but then sometimes I’m just being so anal about it.. haha.. so contradicting..

When I think about this, I would like bang my head against the wall. I’m not too sure if you will also feel like this sometimes. Well, that’s for 2009. Hmph! 2010 will be a different one for me altogether. I realized that there’s ain’t much time left. I’m reaching my 30s soon.. that’s not good… :(

So I commit to myself and you (whoever you are who’s reading my blog THANK YOU FOR READING :D) that I will be striving hard for my goals in 2010. No more distractions, there’s only my career and business to think about. As for other aspects of life such as relationship, family, social, mental and spiritual, they will still be improved but they are not my main focus. My main focus is still to make my first pot of gold.

Now that I’ve stated my own goals. What I’ll be doing next is I will be stating them in specifics so that I can be reminded of them whenever I blogged. Plus, you can also put in words of encouragement for me too. :)

Thank you to you and all those who had read my blog in 2009. I really appreciate your readership. Please comment more so that I will know what to improve on.

Thank you once again.

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I am back and I need a Minute here!

IF, i said If there is anyone following YZ’s blog, (no offense yeah YZ, not too sure if you have a pool of readers).
There is something that once again I wanna share with everyone. i believe recently, those ppl that still have a sole, still alive, (you will understand what i mean if you have read YZ’s walking corpse on the road, in the mrt. Trust me, i work in town, i have been seeing tons of these kind of walking corpse everyday, and the worse thing is, they failed to release they are one and deny the fact that they need a life, they need a re-charge!
Recently including me myself felt tired easily, i hate the things i do previously, i might get upset by things/people that is around me easily, and i have been searching for an answer, why do humans needa grow up and have never ending things to stress and worried about.
But i chance upon this readings which i felt is so right. I here present to you guys, take a minute to read through, i guess its happening to everyone, but we are just ignoring the root problem or we just heck and complain bout it.

Cognitive psychologists believe that it is our thoughts, and not external events, that determine our moods – it is how we respond to what happens, rather than what happens itself, that determines how we feel. If something can be changed, change it. If it cannot be changed, then change the way you look at it. And we can learn to do this first by noticing our negative thoughts and substituting them with more useful and positive ones. By looking on the bright side of life we can create success, happiness and a healthier mind and body.

Ok, i know it sounds damn common sense but hey, i have friends everyday complaining about this, complaining about that, its either money not enough, boy friend not good enough, life not happening enough, it can be anything…

So people, if you have these kind of people around you, tell them to stop complaining and start to do something about it at this very moment.

My favorite tag of the day ” Life Is Too Short to be Ordinary”. I am on my way to experience life in my own way, are you?

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Gut Health Session – No More Constipation

ARRRRGH!!!!!! Hate that uncomfortable rumbling feeling in your gut?

How would you like to know more about your gut health and to remain healthy all throughout your life? (Plus, save your money from all those doctors check up :D )

Suffer no more and find out how you can relieve yourself of constipation through simple and healthy means. No laxatives, no enemas. Solve this problem from the root and permanently.

Find out in this fun and informative session where you can become your own doctor and solve this frustrating problem: Constipation.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Importance of Optimal Health & Statistics of Chronic Diseases
  2. Introduction of Digestive (Gut/ Gastrointestinal) Health
  3. Digestive Problems
  4. Different Ways to Improve Digestion
  5. Medication
  6. Alternative Medicine e.g. Acupressure ( You will learn which acupressure point to press to relieve yourself easily!)
  7. Balance of Beneficial Bacteria in the Gut
  8. What is yoghurt & its benefits?
  9. Difference between Cow’s milk & Soy milk
  10. Yoghurt Making Session & Tasting (Super Delicious and Healthy!!! )
  11. Q&A

Delicious yummy and healthy yoghurt will be served during the session.

Date: 6 Dec 2009

Time: 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Ticket Fee: $8 per pax (Now left only a few seats!)

Address: CA centre, 112 Middle Rd, #06-04, Midland house, (Opp Hotel intercontinental)

RSVP with Brian Lam 9862 1579 by Thur 3 Dec as seats are really limited and we need to prepare your yogurt : )

P.S. I’ve tasted this home made yogurt and it is absolutely refreshing and delicious! :D I can really taste the  freshness in it. For friends who know me, they will know that I’m really health conscious. So I really swear by this yogurt that it’s really good! Come and join me in this session. It’ll be fun with you :D

RSVP to Janice Yeo 90089209 by Thur 3 Dec as we need to prepare the yogurt 2 days in advance.

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Sometimes when I am alone, I will start thinking about things in life. Some questions do pop up in my mind always. Like for example, what am I here for and what passion do I have. Which career path should I take and if I leave now, am I being irresponsible to my clients and then go and pursue my passion.

Sometimes, all these questions are just part and parcel of life but because of our busyness in life makes us didn’t think of it. So we will lose touch of ourselves and our sole purpose in life. So whenever I think of this, I will lament that many people especially the employees are really more like “walking corpse” just like being a zombie. Working everyday without fail for the hopes of increasing one’s own pay.

Such is a boring life… As one of my friend said, life should be enjoyed to the fullest because life is short.

Well, what is life without all these challenges and puzzles to make us think? We’re human after all. :D

As Anthony Robbins said, “Live With Passion”

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Uplifting Facial Treatment – Younger by 5 Years Instantly

Wow! Today is really an amazing day for me! :D I went to Janice’s place for a facial treatment and what I got as a result was a surprise for myself.

People who know me will always tell me to get some rest because of my eyebags that are due to lack of sleep. For me, I guess I am really too complacent about my face already. But when I hit 25, I instinctively knew that I really need to take care of my face. So I went in search for some facial treatment and ways on taking care of my face i.e. using masks and stuff like that. But then I met Janice who really shared a lot of her facial knowledge with me and I started to know more about how to properly take care of my skin.

Today as scheduled, I went for my Artistry Experience which checked the condition of my hair, scalp, face and even till the size of my facial pores. It’s such a eye-opener for me as I finally know that not only I gotten oily skin but I’ve got dry skin underneath my oil layer. So in effect, I’ve always gotten my skin condition kind of wrong. After that, the consultant taught me the proper way to take care of my hair, scalp and face by showing it to me and demo on me. Well for me, it was really a new experience and when Janice came, she immediately noticed my face and asked if the consultant did put some powder on my face which in fact didn’t.

So when we got back to Janice’s place where she prepared all the necessary things needed to help do a facial for me, I took some photos of myself as I wanted to get those “Before and After” look in order to really see the difference. The photos are in the order of before getting the facial done, during the process of every step i.e. scrubbing, putting on mask, after the detox treatment, after hydrating and finally full face.








So right now, after this uplifting experience by Janice, I’ve totally in full faith of the products and will continue using them and also learn more from Janice about how to take care of my face properly.

Hey, since you’ve been reading for so long, why not like this? I’ll extend to you an invitation. If you want to get this kind of experience or just want to learn more about facial skin care on how to take care of your face properly, I’ll be happy to share with you the knowledge.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at: brian @ or 9862 1579. Or if you prefer, just leave a comment for me. Enjoy your day! :D

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