Uplifting Facial Treatment – Younger by 5 Years Instantly

Wow! Today is really an amazing day for me! :D I went to Janice’s place for a facial treatment and what I got as a result was a surprise for myself.

People who know me will always tell me to get some rest because of my eyebags that are due to lack of sleep. For me, I guess I am really too complacent about my face already. But when I hit 25, I instinctively knew that I really need to take care of my face. So I went in search for some facial treatment and ways on taking care of my face i.e. using masks and stuff like that. But then I met Janice who really shared a lot of her facial knowledge with me and I started to know more about how to properly take care of my skin.

Today as scheduled, I went for my Artistry Experience which checked the condition of my hair, scalp, face and even till the size of my facial pores. It’s such a eye-opener for me as I finally know that not only I gotten oily skin but I’ve got dry skin underneath my oil layer. So in effect, I’ve always gotten my skin condition kind of wrong. After that, the consultant taught me the proper way to take care of my hair, scalp and face by showing it to me and demo on me. Well for me, it was really a new experience and when Janice came, she immediately noticed my face and asked if the consultant did put some powder on my face which in fact didn’t.

So when we got back to Janice’s place where she prepared all the necessary things needed to help do a facial for me, I took some photos of myself as I wanted to get those “Before and After” look in order to really see the difference. The photos are in the order of before getting the facial done, during the process of every step i.e. scrubbing, putting on mask, after the detox treatment, after hydrating and finally full face.








So right now, after this uplifting experience by Janice, I’ve totally in full faith of the products and will continue using them and also learn more from Janice about how to take care of my face properly.

Hey, since you’ve been reading for so long, why not like this? I’ll extend to you an invitation. If you want to get this kind of experience or just want to learn more about facial skin care on how to take care of your face properly, I’ll be happy to share with you the knowledge.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at: brian @ lamyungching.com or 9862 1579. Or if you prefer, just leave a comment for me. Enjoy your day! :D

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T Harv Eker’s Rich Life Club – Unleash Your Courageous Self!

I was listening to this audio Rich Life Club by Wendy Haines. She was talking about the topic on How to Move from the Life You’re in to the Life you WANT. After listening I felt I want to share with you some of the discoveries that I had from the audio.

But below are just some of the pointers that I have gotten from it.

There is no better time to get in touch with your dreams and ACT on them. Listen to what Wendy has to offer and you’ll be amazed at what you come away with.  By listening to this incredible session, Wendy Haines:  How to Move from the Life You’re in to the Life You WANT and I have discovered:

* How to DIRECT my attention
* What FEAR really is
* How to easily access my POSITIVITY… and stay grounded in that energy regardless of whatever else is going on around me
* Why being too busy can PREVENT me from achieving my dreams
* Techniques I can put to use immediately to UNCOVER my true desires
* Why SETTLING creates obstacles and actually creates more uncertainty in my life
* Specific steps I can take NOW to begin moving to my desired life
* How to turn my biggest LOSSES into my greatest OPPORTUNITIES
* Why CHANGE is an invitation for fear… but I don’t have to give in to it!
* And more!

If you’re determined to live your dreams, take this opportunity and begin NOW.

For those of you ready to take your life to the next level, get clear about your desires and face them head on, Click here to gain your own access to Rich Life Club.

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Standard Charter Marathon Finisher

On sunday, just ran the ultimate race in my life again. A challenging 42.195km marathon. This is my second marathon and I ran with Jack.

Even before that night we were like still doing our work before we went to sleep. Woke up late or rather at 4am, then dilly dally a bit… almost forgotten that we need to pick up Geng Hui from West Coast :P

Realized that it was quite late when it was like 4.40am and the race is starting at 5.30am and we’re still at Jurong West… Lol.

When I sat in the car, I had the ride of my life again since the drifting experience in Malaysia. We were going at 213km/h (which is the top speed), and managed to pick up Geng Hui at 4.50am at West Coast and then reach Capitol Centre carpark by 5am and park the car.

Just nice, we went to the starting line and immediately started the race.

Beforehand, we had already strategize on how to conquer this race without much training. We thought we had one of the most hilarious strategies though. We walked for the first 5km where everyone else was like running with their full energy. We walked like this was a walkathon rather than a marathon. LOL.

I guess we were almost to the last few before we started to jog towards our mid-point GOAL – PowerGel. Because we knew by then we should be “dead” by around 20-22km…so needed that extra boost of energy. Lucky me, I’ve gotten 1 more extra powergel. Hee :p

Well, we saw that champion kenyan runner ran past us. I was comparing his leg size to my arms and I was so surprised that my arms was actually bigger than his legs… :-0

Ok… fast forward all those parts where we drank our beloved cold but diluted 100plus… that tasted so heavenly under those conditions. Saw some super cars from Ferrari at the F1 Grandstand. Think they had some opening or something. It’s quite a distraction for me instead of worrying about how to complete the run when I was reaching 39km.

Endurance and perseverance had to be the key elements that I used to complete this challenging run. But the most sucky thing is that we were planning to hit Sub-6 hours and calculated even down right to the minute. And today when we checked our timing… we were like WTH…. I clocked 6 hours and 2 secs… 2 miserably seconds and Jack gotten even worse… he gotten 6 hours 1 sec. Really blasted!

But nevertheless, I’ve improved even though I didn’t trained much for this run. So I must say I’m really blessed and fortunate. Hee.

So sometimes, with the right strategy and with some training and hard work, you can still improve on something – a skill, expertise etc.

Below are just some of the photos which I took from the official standard charter site.

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New Author Coming Aboard

Today I’m really happy because my great friend, Zoe commented about my blog. She said that my blog is really stressful and very business like. She then asked me to include some travels and entertainment into my blog. So I was thinking of maybe putting up some of my daily random thoughts.

But then there was an idea that shot up in my brain. Why not just invite her to become one of my contributors in my blog. So I just asked Zoe to be my author and she agreed readily.

After setting up with the user account for her, I was actually choosing the access levels between Author and Contributor and I found that as a Contributor, you will be quite limited as you will not be able to post your own posts.

So finally, I just gave her the Author rights and made her officially an Author of my blog. Hmm… but I’m not too sure about when she will be posting her first blog post though. Haha… I’ve gotten a really beautiful lady to post on my blog. Yay! :D

Now that’s Zoe below!

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Millionaire Mind Intensive – T Harv Eker (6 Money Jars)

Two months back I bought the Millionaire Mind Intensive ticket from Roy. And today was the first day of the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Roy told me to go earlier so as to beat the crowd so I was wondering what crowd? Never had I imagined that it wasn’t a crowd but rather it was almost like another rush hour human traffic all congregated at Expo at 9am. All 5000+ people waiting to register and get into the seminar.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book

Who is it that is able to get so many people to attend his seminar? That’s none other than T Harv Eker, http://www.harveker.com/. For those of you who doesn’t know him, he’s actually a multi-millionaire who wrote the book – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He’s also a speaker, who charges USD50,000 for a full day presentation.

What really impressed me was the huge turnout for the seminar itself. I thought with this kind of turnout, he must be making tons of money and very famous too. It was a 3 day seminar and I expected it to be a really good one to hyped up my energy levels since my energy levels were really low these few days.

So when the seminar starts, we were really prep up and I really can see people were enjoying themselves. Dancing and singing along and following those exercises really helps us boost our motivation and re-energized us. I just felt like a kid once again, a kid who dares to reach for his dreams.

I really want to get the most out of this seminar and really listen and actively participate. As what T Harv said, we need to play the game at level 10 in order to win. A level 10 energy level will bring about a level 10 results. So I did my best to play at level 10 in order to really experience what he was saying. The experience is really addictive :p I really got on the hang of it and was at level 10.

Suddenly I just felt so relieved of any tension or stress from my body and felt that I can move forward in life to reach for my dreams once again. For those of you who been to the seminar, I’m sure you will understand how it felt to be like there live with T Harv Eker speaking. For those of you who still don’t have a chance to experience all of these, you can just contact me and I’ll do my best to get you inside and experience it.

Just Day One alone and I had learned a marverlous concept of how to really become rich in a few short years instead of the decades that we thought is needed.  It was the 6 money jars that really enlightened me and I decided to commit to using them to improve my life wholeheartedly.

Well, it’s already quite late and I still have to wake up early for Day Two. I’ll be updating you guys tomorrow about what I had learned and experienced.

Oh yeah… Almost forgotten to say this. I just got to know of this fantastic website that is talking about how T Harv Eker makes his money and I signed up for it. It’s been helping me with great results. I though it might even help you. Just click here and take  a look yourself, make sure to sign up for it.

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Making Money From Blog – Intro

Today is the most crucial time for anyone who is reading this blog. I would assume some of you also have your own blog out there that you are always posting every now and then.

So this post is an absolutely must read for you, even if you have no blog, you need to read this too because as you know, I don’t own a blog until recently too.

Well, what is it that I am talking about? I am talking about earning money from your blog. No, I’m not kidding you. It is really possible to make some money out of your everyday posting, even if it is just ramblings of your daily life.

How do you do that? For me personally, I would just check out this site: http://www.moneyfromblog.com and then try those methods in it.

In today’s post, I am going to share with you one of great methods of making some money from your blog. I learnt this method through my involvement with moneyfromblog.com itself. So what I am about to share with you can work and will work.

There is this website which I will need you to go and sign up first before I start.

Click on this link now and sign up => Earn $$ with WidgetBucks

After signing up, I want you to know that this website is actually a network connecting bloggers like yourself and advertisers like Nike, and other brand names who wish to advertise. So you get yourself an account so that you can put up the WidgetBucks Widget in your blog.

Any advertisers who sees that your blog is having the relevant audience to their business, they will go through WidgetBucks to advertise in your blog automatically without you doing anything extra to your blog. All you need is just to put in the code that you can generate by clicking the “New Widget” and getting the code to put in your blog and start making money out of it.

Well for a start, the advertisers’ money may only be a few dollars but just think of it as doing nothing and yet getting income for it. I would definitely love this idea multiplied a hundred or thousands times. :)

So if you still have not sign up, hurry up and sign up so that you can immediately make some money out from your blog since advertisers will be able to start advertising in your blog once it is in the ad network.

Click on this link now and sign up => Earn $$ with WidgetBucks

If you do want to accelerate your learning and make more money from your blogs as soon as possible, I would suggest you go get Money From Blog and take the step-by-step tutorial now.

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