BFC Pre-Interview

Went for the pre-BFC interview with Wendy Liao and it was more like an explanation of what is coming up for the BFC itself.

Well, Wendy went through a lot of Dos and Don’ts with me which some have already been shared with me by Charles, Jack and CJ.

So all in all, I kind of understood most of what I’m supposed to do during BFC itself and we’re are supposed to train the core foundation.

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Cedli Meeting…Cake Buying

I’m supposed to buy a birthday cake for the CEDLI meeting that our team is conducting. Jack was handling the agenda and the retreat debrief, while CJ was the MC for the meeting. Daniel was our video man. Me? I’m handling the logistics and birthday cake for the birthday person in the month of feb.

Well, it’s really like no brainer to go and get a cake but I was really not adept at buying a birthday cake for so many people. This is like my first time… so questions like how large should I get? What kind of flavor should I get, etc… came to my mind… argh… Cakes… because if you buy the wrong ones (those really awful tasting ones) then you’ll really spoil that birthday celebration atmosphere.

So I walked over to Bugis Junction from our office at Gateway, thinking of which shop should I get the cake from. Saw Four Leaves and went to take a look…hmm… their selection seems nice and appealing. Then I went over to BreadTalk to look at their selection… I was like… wah… those are really kind of pathetic… they have those like fruit cakes and stuff… not really to my liking.

Then I went over to Four Leaves again and saw that they have black forest. Good. Black forest is good. Now how big should I get it… I asked the lady serving me how big should I get if I have like 20 people and she was recommending the largest one to me which costs like $50+ and it’s huge and rectangular in shape… Should be more than 20 people and not exactly 20… So after thinking for a while, I decided to go for the second largest which is round.

Gotten the cake back and waited for the finale to start to bring in the cake. There’s only one birthday gal in the month of feb and that’s Penny.

Yay! In the end, the cake was just nice in quantity for everyone and everyone is happy with the flavor of the cake. Good!

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FTP 1…

Today is the training for FTP 1 for the whole day. Well, it’s about the legal and compliance that as Financial Consultant, we will have to learn and understand.

For the first part of the session, it’s kind of dry with all the legal aspects of the process and how we’re supposed to do up all the paper work.

For the second part, it’s more on the compliance issues and it’s being emphasized as being more important as it will also be tested in the test after the session.

I was supposed to take the test because I’ve already completed the FTP 2 and then left only this before I can go for the BFC.

All in all, it’s just compulsory training for being a Financial Consultant that all of us went through a rigorous training and compliance regimen before becoming fully-fledged professional consultants.

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Happy Birthday~ =)

Today is my birthday. There wasn’t much of celebration as most of the years I haven’t been celebrating much. Furthermore, I’ll be going to Genting in a few hours time with my new colleagues. Not that I don’t like going but just that I will need to wake up quite early to catch a life from Jack to arrive at our meet up point at Lavender MRT.

Well, I haven’t been feeling too good though in terms of emotionally wise. This is especially so after I have just received a sms from a particular person who still meant a lot to me wishing me a happy birthday. Though it’s not much but still it stirred me up emotionally.

Guess I’ll have to learn how to handle it properly then. Anyway, I’ll just look forward to this Genting trip and focus on the new experiences that I will be getting and the new bonds which I will be building with my new colleagues.

Ciao~ I’m sleeping liao =)

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For the last 3 days, it was a really jam packed day. I was being feed with a huge load of info from the trainers themselves.

It was really taxing on my brain but I know that I needed to learn all these stuff very well in order to transit into my next career smoothly. Hmm… on the hindsight.. “very well” seems like an understatement. I needed to internalize all their teachings before I even meet up with my first potential client.

Now then I realized the real importance of training. (Only applicable to mental aspect and not physical aspect in this context) Training is a key element of anyone who wants improvement in their life. Knowledge is power. But I feel that to really internalize and apply the knowledge in your life then it’s really powerful.

After these 3 days, I realized that next year will be a challenging one but definitely a much more fruitful and fulfilling one than 2008. I am really looking forward to this next career in less than 3 weeks time.

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