Standard Charter Marathon

Yesterday was really a gruelling and tough marathon for me. I didn’t really train for it and suddenly Jack just told me to go for it as he can”t make it. So I went for it yesterday and at around 30+ km mark, my legs started to give way.

But good thing is that Dewei and I managed to push through to 40 km and then struggled through our painful stitches and ran the last 2 km to the finishing point.

Now my whole body is still aching from the physical exertion and stress that it undergone.

Well, I think I will not be running the next marathon… I think age is catching up else if I really want to continue, I’ll need to train up then.

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Carbohydrates Blocker – Is It For Real?

First of all, I don’t really believe in all the things about carbohydrates blocker and such. Because I always feel that these kind of supplements don’t really help. I always believe that you are what you eat.

So recently, work matters increased quite a bit and sometimes I’ve to meet clients at fast food joints. Then eventually, the intake of fast food also increased. So in the end, I ended up 5kg more! Well, I’m not blaming my work. Just that even though it’s flexible, it didn’t help in me in my weight issues.

So I started a search on those carbohydrates blocker which I don’t believe in. But the main reason why I don’t like these carbohydrates blocker is that it has side effects due to some chemical contents that are always present. So what I wanted is actually some form of natural carbohydrates blocker.

Well, I am still searching for one now. Might be going to try one that my friend going to recommend me though. Will tell you the results next time.

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Needs Physical Improvement!

Went jogging on yesterday. Really felt the tiredness from the run itself. Clocked 30 mins for a 5km run… really not at my peak… need a lot of  improvement soon.

Well, owing to a busy schedule, I’ve tried to incorporate exercises whenever I can or have my free time. Though it wasn’t my ideal number of times, it’s still better than nothing. haha.

Anyway, still thinking of whether I can go for this year’s safra run or not coz of my schedule…

Also had lunch with Valerie at Vivo’s Kim Gary, food was okay coz I din expect much just that the chicken I ordered came with only a small portion of vegetables…pathetic. Then also saw Kristine, Vincent, Jasmine and Poh Soon and chatted awhile.

Later went over to get a pair of ear phones at Best Denki. Been thinking of getting it for so long already…

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Working at End of CNY

Today is the end of Chinese New Year called Yuan Xiao. Because of this, my ex-boss, Kim, asked me if I wanted to work or not for this event. Since I was having a bit of free time and also wanted to catch up with him and maybe Kenny, I agreed to work today.

So I was there at the Tian Fu Gong at Telok Ayer street. This event was held by the Hokkien Association of Singapore.

I was supposed to be the in-charge for firing the confetti cannons which marks the start and the end of the celebration. The first cue was good, but the second cue when I have to wait for the white colorful dragon to go off wasn’t timed accurately. Because there wasn’t any cue signal that I can follow and luckily Kim was around to see that the dragon was going off and told me to fire. Else I think it will just go off without my confetti shots.

The event was supposed to start at 7pm but it kind of dragged as usual… to 8pm before the actual performance starts. And I hadn’t had dinner at that time yet…

Well, overall the performance was only okay, not that fantastic and with some cockups… Saw that there’s some communication lags that caused the cockups..

Hmm… after the work, it just pack up and go. But I’m really tired after everything because I have not been doing these kind of “siong” activities except for exercising. Last I did was last year. Hmm…am I getting weak? Damn… need to train up once again. Nevermind, it will give me more energy. :D

Ciao~ I’m going to rest already.

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Treating My Back Problems – Natural Chiropractic Treatment

Today is my appointment with Spinetrends after the x-rays have been sent to them. I was really anxious about what the x-rays going to show and how my back is treating me… since I had serious backache last year.

When I went over I was show like 4 x-rays and I was kind of shocked! I knew I had some sort of misalignment in my back but I never did expected it to be so serious… it was like 2-3cm curving away from the center line of what should be a normal spinal column. That’s serious for me but it’s really only the first stage of subluxation. That wasn’t the end of it yet… my neck was also screwed up too… damn… it was like too forward a bit and causes stress on my neck and body weight.

Well, what to do… such a screwed up spinal column… need treatment soon else I will be living with it for the rest of my life which I definitely don’t want to live with the pain for all my life.

So after what Dr. Brian talked to me about how this backbone of mine will be giving me problems in the future…actually I wasn’t really listening :P because I had experienced the pain before and was just recalling all those painful experiences which I don’t want to get it again.

Well, it didn’t really take much convincing for me to sign up for the treatment as I really value my health and my life thus it’s almost automatic that I will be getting the treatment. Anyway, the chiropractic treatment is natural which means there’s no drugs involved and it’s just pure adjustment of the spinal column and my neck on an adjustment table.

Anyway, it’s a year long treatment which I will be undergoing from now on. For those of you who might have back problems or backache, feel free to leave some comments.

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Standard Charter Marathon Training

Yesterday night, Geng Hui, Jack and me went to Pandan reservoir to train for Standard Charter marathon next sunday. It was around 11.30pm when we reach there.

So we went around before parking at a HDB flat near the reservoir and went over there. Did our warm ups and then started our training. Jack and me were a crazy bunch :D because we were basically role playing the “takan” jogging session that our sergeants had with us in our army days.

Then I guess we were too bored and started recalling some of the army songs and even started singing some of them. Just felt so nostalgic since it’s been 4 years passed since we’re out of the army. Time really flies man.

Then Geng Hui used his IPhone to track our running route on how many kilometres that we’ve covered. You can take a look at his GPS route even though I saw that there’s one line cutting right across the reservoir. So it’s either us running through the reservoir which is technically impossible although after the run, we looked like we swam across :P or the GPS just goes hay-wire… hahaha. Well, to each his own imagination.

It was really a tiring but fulfilling run, around 20 km altogether. I’m thirsty, hungry and tired… I haven’t had this kind of feeling for a very long time man. It’s just AWESOME! :D (This doesn’t mean that I like to “torture” myself though :p)

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