Idea of Thinking Big – Robert Kiyosaki

I was reading about an article that is talking about the idea of thinking big by Robert Kiyosaki and it really strikes me since quite a lot happened in just these few days.

This article is talking about how the rich get richer and why did it happen. You can find the article here. It talked about how Robert was exposed to the idea of thinking big and how just by thinking big, a person is able to turn a piece of seemingly expensive property into an even more profitable property which is more than 10 times the value when it was being offered out.

Not only was the idea a simple concept to grasp, but still it’s quite hard to comprehend until now because there are still some prerequisite concepts that a person has to understand before he is able to slowly grasp this simple principle.

Now that I’ve beginning to understand slowly on how this entire concept means then steadily I’m on my way to understanding how the rich really think. As the saying goes, “The more you know and understand, the more you know that you don’t know and don’t understand”. Such simple yet hard to comprehend concept is slowly beginning to shed light to my life.

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More High Net Worth Individuals

Just read that our Singapore Tourism Board is trying to attract more and more high net worth individuals to come to Singapore all because our operating costs are higher than our neighbors. So now, we are actually competing based on value and more activities for our visitors.

Well, how can we take advantage of this new influx of high net worth individuals with more than $1 million coming into Singapore to invest and spend more money in Singapore?

I need a business in Singapore to take advantage of this.

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Formula Drift 2009

Was just surfing the internet and chanced upon this event. It’s Formula Drift 2009. Some of the photos of their drifts were absolutely great and amazing because of the way they pitched their skills against one another.

This site talks about the recent formula drift that happened on July 4 & 5. You can take a look at the photos there at

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POV Hiromi Workshop

Yesterday was the workshop of my life. Went to Hiromi workshop and really realized a lot of things happening in my life that are in effect causing many things to happen too.

Had a sudden realization on how my ancestry were linked to each and individual success and failures. It was really an experiential workshop which everyone should be going to experience what we as people have been ignoring all these years.

Well, I was sad on the last day as Hiromi sensei was going to leave Singapore for Japan and I really loved the teachings of Hiromi sensei. She is such a wonderful lady who shared and taught us on many different topics of life.

I would  like to express my appreciation and thanks to Hiromi Sensei and all of the staff in GrowthVision for making the workshop possible. Thank you!

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The 3 card readings

I must really agree that I am so lost that I dont know which direction to go, where to stop, where to turn. It kinda scare the freak out of me because you wont know what happen next. I think what i have learn through the 3 cards reading was forgive and let go so that people could move forward.

My question is how do people let go when we deny we are holding on to it, or i even thought that i did let it go? Anyways, will share more about it when i am back from the diving trip. Tell you guys, its freaking accurate.

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New Internet Strategies…

Well, just taken a look at some of the courses that Jack sent me that deals with making money using pay-per-click(PPC) and he wanted me to complete all of the courses so I gave it all my best in learning everything then.

It’s really interesting and provides a lot of great insights into what is really behind the scenes of those making millions of dollars versus those who make a few dollars a day or even nothing…

If you really wanted to know more about what I’m learning, just email me or give me some comments. =)

Cya again…

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Rainy Days…Pondering Time

It’s raining now and I’m typing this at home while listening to radio. It just seems so long that I’ve listened to radio.

Today it’s a relaxing Sunday for me.

I’ve been thinking of a lot of things recently…about how my life turned out the way I wanted it to be. It’s just so interesting and unique that a person’s life can turned out so different even if their experiences are so similar or even if they comes from the same family background.

I have met some people who related their life stories to me these few days. Some are really successful in almost every aspect of their life, earning well over 6 figures or 7 figures income. They spoken to me about what I wanted in life and also regarding building my first pot of gold.

Well, haven you ever thought of how to build your first pot of gold? If you haven’t, maybe I can share with you what I’ve learned from it.

Okay good, the rain is clearing up. =) Back to listening my radio that’s playing “Nan Ren Nu Ren” now.

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BFC Pre-Interview

Went for the pre-BFC interview with Wendy Liao and it was more like an explanation of what is coming up for the BFC itself.

Well, Wendy went through a lot of Dos and Don’ts with me which some have already been shared with me by Charles, Jack and CJ.

So all in all, I kind of understood most of what I’m supposed to do during BFC itself and we’re are supposed to train the core foundation.

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FTP 1…

Today is the training for FTP 1 for the whole day. Well, it’s about the legal and compliance that as Financial Consultant, we will have to learn and understand.

For the first part of the session, it’s kind of dry with all the legal aspects of the process and how we’re supposed to do up all the paper work.

For the second part, it’s more on the compliance issues and it’s being emphasized as being more important as it will also be tested in the test after the session.

I was supposed to take the test because I’ve already completed the FTP 2 and then left only this before I can go for the BFC.

All in all, it’s just compulsory training for being a Financial Consultant that all of us went through a rigorous training and compliance regimen before becoming fully-fledged professional consultants.

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