Stephen Pierce Make Money On The Internet Workshop

Yesterday, Jack asked me if I’m able to attend a workshop by Stephen Pierce tomorrow. I agreed. For those of you who are not too sure about who he is. Stephen Pierce is an internet marketer who made his riches from the internet and becomes a multi-millionaire.

The workshop starts at 8am and so I had to wake up really early today just for the workshop because his workshop is conducted at Grand Mercure Roxy near east coast road and I live in Clementi.

Well, I met and network with many people at the workshop. It was really awesome! I’ve been networking these few weeks and gotten to know a lot of great people who are really like-minded with me.

The workshop is really great! Stephen Pierce taught us about the basics about internet marketing and how not starting right will be disastrous to any person who wants to build a business online. He even gave us a worksheet which automatically guide us to finding a profitable niche and make a business out of it.

It’s a really long time since I get in touch with Stephen Pierce again. It’s just refreshing to listen to him again on internet marketing. I’ve also refreshed my knowledge on it.

Made some new contacts and intending to connect with them soon.

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Millionaire Mind Intensive Results – T Harv Eker

WOW! The experience from T Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive was really awesome! Anyone can literally change his or her life based on what he shared and taught us during these 3 days.

It’s really a super seminar which I really enjoyed very much. T Harv Eker is truly different from many speakers. He spoke very candidly and offer you the reality in life although sometimes it might be hard for me or anyone to accept. But still, we need to face our challenges so that we will grow and overcome any similar ones in the future.

T Harv Eker really taught us the basic fundamentals of wealth creation and the principles behind it. It was such a simple formula that anyone can follow. I was especially inspired by one of the videos that he showed us.

It showed this lady who doesn’t have money and by using the 6 Money Jars concepts, she became a millionaire in two and a half years. Right now, she’s helping out with him in his business. This is one of exceptional examples that we can do our best to model after because she’s broke and literally going to file for bankruptcy but still she made it out from that situation.

How many of us had experience that kind of situation before and walk out of it unscathed? I don’t know and most probably wouldn’t want to get into that kind of situation.

So in the end, we were gotten ourselves another 90 day follow through program that we need to follow in order to create the kind of success that we wanted.

All I can say that it will be really up to us to put the concepts and learnings of these 3 days into good use and master them for life. Else it will just be another wasted trip that is motivating during the 3 days but essentially does not help you in anyway.

But do you know that T Harv Eker got a secret website that help him with all the necessary information on how to make money and get in touch with all the super elite who can also help you? I just happened to get to know of this very secretive site recently and I want to share with you. It really help me a lot in making more money than I make currently. Click here to check it out now.

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Millionaire Mind Intensive – T Harv Eker (6 Money Jars)

Two months back I bought the Millionaire Mind Intensive ticket from Roy. And today was the first day of the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Roy told me to go earlier so as to beat the crowd so I was wondering what crowd? Never had I imagined that it wasn’t a crowd but rather it was almost like another rush hour human traffic all congregated at Expo at 9am. All 5000+ people waiting to register and get into the seminar.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind Book

Who is it that is able to get so many people to attend his seminar? That’s none other than T Harv Eker, For those of you who doesn’t know him, he’s actually a multi-millionaire who wrote the book – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He’s also a speaker, who charges USD50,000 for a full day presentation.

What really impressed me was the huge turnout for the seminar itself. I thought with this kind of turnout, he must be making tons of money and very famous too. It was a 3 day seminar and I expected it to be a really good one to hyped up my energy levels since my energy levels were really low these few days.

So when the seminar starts, we were really prep up and I really can see people were enjoying themselves. Dancing and singing along and following those exercises really helps us boost our motivation and re-energized us. I just felt like a kid once again, a kid who dares to reach for his dreams.

I really want to get the most out of this seminar and really listen and actively participate. As what T Harv said, we need to play the game at level 10 in order to win. A level 10 energy level will bring about a level 10 results. So I did my best to play at level 10 in order to really experience what he was saying. The experience is really addictive :p I really got on the hang of it and was at level 10.

Suddenly I just felt so relieved of any tension or stress from my body and felt that I can move forward in life to reach for my dreams once again. For those of you who been to the seminar, I’m sure you will understand how it felt to be like there live with T Harv Eker speaking. For those of you who still don’t have a chance to experience all of these, you can just contact me and I’ll do my best to get you inside and experience it.

Just Day One alone and I had learned a marverlous concept of how to really become rich in a few short years instead of the decades that we thought is needed.  It was the 6 money jars that really enlightened me and I decided to commit to using them to improve my life wholeheartedly.

Well, it’s already quite late and I still have to wake up early for Day Two. I’ll be updating you guys tomorrow about what I had learned and experienced.

Oh yeah… Almost forgotten to say this. I just got to know of this fantastic website that is talking about how T Harv Eker makes his money and I signed up for it. It’s been helping me with great results. I though it might even help you. Just click here and take  a look yourself, make sure to sign up for it.

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Decision Time – Making Money Here I Come!

Today is the day which I will stop brooding over everything and decide on where I should go in my next phase of my life.

Started the day together with Jack by going to their monthly meeting. Ate some prata for breakfast before reaching Capital Towers. Went in and saw many people and Jack started introducing me to some of the managers and colleagues.

It just seems so long since I have been a seminar and be one of the audiences. I was there listening to their presentation and it was really enlightening for me. It just seems to me that I’ve missed out a lot of things during the past one year. And then they also proceeded to talked about the recent financial credit crunch and how it will affect the financial advisers in the next couple of months.

Well after the meeting, we went to their office and I proceeded to fill in all the application forms and found out that my degree was able to exempt me from M6 CMFAS exams. Good. One less exam to take and more savings. :D

So by evening, I’ve decided a very important decision for me to live on and move on to achieve my dreams. I will not stop for anyone now because I know that I can only rely on myself for support. Yes, friends and loved ones may be able to provide some support but still it just boils down to my own individual inspiration/desperation or willpower/faith to make my dreams a reality.

To me, now the most important thing is to be successful and to be able to buy my own honda civic fd2 by June 30th next year. I also aim to buy a condo by next year end by Christmas. So I really need to work hard for my dreams to be a reality.

For that to happen, I will need focus and support. I can’t be spending extra time thinking about unproductive issues and also need to gain the support from my family and friends for my new career.

So decided! Money making here I come! I’m already sensing that my next year will be the start of a really great time for the rest of my lifetime.

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it. Feel free to leave down a comment or two.

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Beginning of a new journey

Recently I have been thinking and reflecting a lot of things that had happened in my life, and I realized that a lot seems to happen for a reason.

Some of them happened because of what I have done in my last 5 years and it created the present that I am living now. Jack always said to me that the things that I did in the last 5 years will determine what kind of life I am living now. Well, it really did hit the point… really hard on the bulleye.

Now I’m really living in the reality that I was creating in my last 5 years. But during the recent weeks, I have been thinking real hard on how to change my life for the better. But in actual fact, I’ve already decided on what and how am I going to change my life.

It’s just that sometimes human beings just don’t want to step out of their comfort zone and take a step forward into the unknown even though there are huge rewards behind the door of fear.

I’m really at the undecided phase of my life which is the most painful because you are stagnant in life yet you know that you want a change but really don’t know which way should you go.

Maybe I’m waiting for something to happen or just waiting for something not to happen so that I will know what to do for the rest of my life. Hmm… well, it’s just so complicated when you’re undecided and full of thoughts and emotions.

But one thing which I know is that once I decided, my life will move forward, for better or worse. I’m willling to accept it. But I’m sure it will work out well after this month. This is like a beginning of a new journey of my next phase of life.

Well, I’ll keep you updated then. :)

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Making Money Online – The Beginning of a New Life

I felt like I am reborn today. I felt energized without much stress in keeping up with expectations from my own self towards others. All I need to be is just to be myself and not some “super nice and perfect” guy that I wanted to portray to others.

I have decided to truly begin and experience my life again. And I mean TRULY experience my life. Not just going through life like most of us does, enjoying whatever it is now and always worry about what’s going to happen in the future. I know that everything will fall into place once I decided something that I want and make sure that I achieve them no matter what happens. What I want is true happiness and also to be true to myself.

I came to a conclusion that if I need to take care of anyone including my family, I will need to take care of myself first. Thus, I have decided to break free of my own desire to control others in order to gain ultimate control. (It’s quite scary, come to think of it… because I can quite a good puppet master) Now I just want to have ultimate control for my own life and follow according to what my life will unfold for me.

Whatever it is going to be, I will embrace it, truly experience it, learn from it and move forward in life.

Therefore, I have decided to go ahead with making money online again. Nevetheless, I am still focusing my 100% into Intrillion. During the past few weeks, I have thinking that I have been making money online since I started internet marketing, just that I couldn’t always keep up and focus on one particular one to make it into a passive income stream.

So right now, I will be going towards the path to create one stream of reasonable passive income for myself first. I will be posting my results of how to make money online very soon next week.

If you do have questions on how to make money online or just want to comment, please feel free to leave a comment down. I will really appreciate it. =)

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Jeff Allen’s Psychology of Vision Workshop

Yesterday I went for Jeff Allen’s Psychology of Vision workshop. It was a four day workshop and it was unlike any other workshop which I had attended before. It was such an experiencing workshop which I felt many different emotions as well as learned new perspectives to life itself.

It has answered my questions in my life at the most crucial moment when I was trying to find those answers. At that time, I have issues with my financial and relationship and thus I asked for those answers.

Surprisingly those answers came to me at the last day of the workshop and I finally know why I was feeling like that. So I took steps to take on a course that goes with the flow of things rather than going against the flow, which will drain me of my energy.

Well, one thing which I started to learn is that we are always projecting our own expectations onto others unknowingly and thus causing us hurt, pain and frustrations. We should accept people as who they are and not what we expect them to be.

So all in all, it really gives me new perspectives on life issues on how to handle them.

Hope this post also helps you.

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