Cao Cao’s Tomb Discovered

I was reading the Yahoo news when I saw that the legendary Cao Cao’s tomb was being found by the Chinese in central Henan province. Well, I first got to know of Cao Cao through the game of Three Kingdoms. He was being depicted as a cruel tyrant but also a cunning military strategist and poet. But I somewhat like to use him in my game. :D haha

So here are some of the archaeologist’s photos.

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Xmas Party at St Regis

It’s been quite some time since I have met up with the rest of the guys and we have been talking about booking a room for xmas. Well, I thought I can’t make it since I got a last minute work commitment. But luckily it was cancelled the night before Xmas eve.

But then I went for a networking session at Liang Court, Tampopo restaurant. Though the food was so so even though it was famous for its black pork ramen, we were served the normal teriyaki chicken. But I get brush up my networking skills as we’re supposed to mix around given the limited time. I got to know quite a number of people there. As I find it fun to interact with new people, I really find that most of the professions are accountants though. So after the event ended, me and some new found friends went to TCC for some light drinks.

After that, I went over to St Regis to join Zoe and the rest of the guys. Almost more than half of them are already drunk.. then they started to ask me to drink but I din really drink a lot as was previous year.

So my Xmas ended when Luis send me back home.

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I am back and I need a Minute here!

IF, i said If there is anyone following YZ’s blog, (no offense yeah YZ, not too sure if you have a pool of readers).
There is something that once again I wanna share with everyone. i believe recently, those ppl that still have a sole, still alive, (you will understand what i mean if you have read YZ’s walking corpse on the road, in the mrt. Trust me, i work in town, i have been seeing tons of these kind of walking corpse everyday, and the worse thing is, they failed to release they are one and deny the fact that they need a life, they need a re-charge!
Recently including me myself felt tired easily, i hate the things i do previously, i might get upset by things/people that is around me easily, and i have been searching for an answer, why do humans needa grow up and have never ending things to stress and worried about.
But i chance upon this readings which i felt is so right. I here present to you guys, take a minute to read through, i guess its happening to everyone, but we are just ignoring the root problem or we just heck and complain bout it.

Cognitive psychologists believe that it is our thoughts, and not external events, that determine our moods – it is how we respond to what happens, rather than what happens itself, that determines how we feel. If something can be changed, change it. If it cannot be changed, then change the way you look at it. And we can learn to do this first by noticing our negative thoughts and substituting them with more useful and positive ones. By looking on the bright side of life we can create success, happiness and a healthier mind and body.

Ok, i know it sounds damn common sense but hey, i have friends everyday complaining about this, complaining about that, its either money not enough, boy friend not good enough, life not happening enough, it can be anything…

So people, if you have these kind of people around you, tell them to stop complaining and start to do something about it at this very moment.

My favorite tag of the day ” Life Is Too Short to be Ordinary”. I am on my way to experience life in my own way, are you?

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Standard Charter Marathon

Yesterday was really a gruelling and tough marathon for me. I didn’t really train for it and suddenly Jack just told me to go for it as he can”t make it. So I went for it yesterday and at around 30+ km mark, my legs started to give way.

But good thing is that Dewei and I managed to push through to 40 km and then struggled through our painful stitches and ran the last 2 km to the finishing point.

Now my whole body is still aching from the physical exertion and stress that it undergone.

Well, I think I will not be running the next marathon… I think age is catching up else if I really want to continue, I’ll need to train up then.

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Gut Health Session – No More Constipation

ARRRRGH!!!!!! Hate that uncomfortable rumbling feeling in your gut?

How would you like to know more about your gut health and to remain healthy all throughout your life? (Plus, save your money from all those doctors check up :D )

Suffer no more and find out how you can relieve yourself of constipation through simple and healthy means. No laxatives, no enemas. Solve this problem from the root and permanently.

Find out in this fun and informative session where you can become your own doctor and solve this frustrating problem: Constipation.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Importance of Optimal Health & Statistics of Chronic Diseases
  2. Introduction of Digestive (Gut/ Gastrointestinal) Health
  3. Digestive Problems
  4. Different Ways to Improve Digestion
  5. Medication
  6. Alternative Medicine e.g. Acupressure ( You will learn which acupressure point to press to relieve yourself easily!)
  7. Balance of Beneficial Bacteria in the Gut
  8. What is yoghurt & its benefits?
  9. Difference between Cow’s milk & Soy milk
  10. Yoghurt Making Session & Tasting (Super Delicious and Healthy!!! )
  11. Q&A

Delicious yummy and healthy yoghurt will be served during the session.

Date: 6 Dec 2009

Time: 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Ticket Fee: $8 per pax (Now left only a few seats!)

Address: CA centre, 112 Middle Rd, #06-04, Midland house, (Opp Hotel intercontinental)

RSVP with Brian Lam 9862 1579 by Thur 3 Dec as seats are really limited and we need to prepare your yogurt : )

P.S. I’ve tasted this home made yogurt and it is absolutely refreshing and delicious! :D I can really taste the  freshness in it. For friends who know me, they will know that I’m really health conscious. So I really swear by this yogurt that it’s really good! Come and join me in this session. It’ll be fun with you :D

RSVP to Janice Yeo 90089209 by Thur 3 Dec as we need to prepare the yogurt 2 days in advance.

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Sometimes when I am alone, I will start thinking about things in life. Some questions do pop up in my mind always. Like for example, what am I here for and what passion do I have. Which career path should I take and if I leave now, am I being irresponsible to my clients and then go and pursue my passion.

Sometimes, all these questions are just part and parcel of life but because of our busyness in life makes us didn’t think of it. So we will lose touch of ourselves and our sole purpose in life. So whenever I think of this, I will lament that many people especially the employees are really more like “walking corpse” just like being a zombie. Working everyday without fail for the hopes of increasing one’s own pay.

Such is a boring life… As one of my friend said, life should be enjoyed to the fullest because life is short.

Well, what is life without all these challenges and puzzles to make us think? We’re human after all. :D

As Anthony Robbins said, “Live With Passion”

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Uplifting Facial Treatment – Younger by 5 Years Instantly

Wow! Today is really an amazing day for me! :D I went to Janice’s place for a facial treatment and what I got as a result was a surprise for myself.

People who know me will always tell me to get some rest because of my eyebags that are due to lack of sleep. For me, I guess I am really too complacent about my face already. But when I hit 25, I instinctively knew that I really need to take care of my face. So I went in search for some facial treatment and ways on taking care of my face i.e. using masks and stuff like that. But then I met Janice who really shared a lot of her facial knowledge with me and I started to know more about how to properly take care of my skin.

Today as scheduled, I went for my Artistry Experience which checked the condition of my hair, scalp, face and even till the size of my facial pores. It’s such a eye-opener for me as I finally know that not only I gotten oily skin but I’ve got dry skin underneath my oil layer. So in effect, I’ve always gotten my skin condition kind of wrong. After that, the consultant taught me the proper way to take care of my hair, scalp and face by showing it to me and demo on me. Well for me, it was really a new experience and when Janice came, she immediately noticed my face and asked if the consultant did put some powder on my face which in fact didn’t.

So when we got back to Janice’s place where she prepared all the necessary things needed to help do a facial for me, I took some photos of myself as I wanted to get those “Before and After” look in order to really see the difference. The photos are in the order of before getting the facial done, during the process of every step i.e. scrubbing, putting on mask, after the detox treatment, after hydrating and finally full face.








So right now, after this uplifting experience by Janice, I’ve totally in full faith of the products and will continue using them and also learn more from Janice about how to take care of my face properly.

Hey, since you’ve been reading for so long, why not like this? I’ll extend to you an invitation. If you want to get this kind of experience or just want to learn more about facial skin care on how to take care of your face properly, I’ll be happy to share with you the knowledge.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at: brian @ or 9862 1579. Or if you prefer, just leave a comment for me. Enjoy your day! :D

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Idea of Thinking Big – Robert Kiyosaki

I was reading about an article that is talking about the idea of thinking big by Robert Kiyosaki and it really strikes me since quite a lot happened in just these few days.

This article is talking about how the rich get richer and why did it happen. You can find the article here. It talked about how Robert was exposed to the idea of thinking big and how just by thinking big, a person is able to turn a piece of seemingly expensive property into an even more profitable property which is more than 10 times the value when it was being offered out.

Not only was the idea a simple concept to grasp, but still it’s quite hard to comprehend until now because there are still some prerequisite concepts that a person has to understand before he is able to slowly grasp this simple principle.

Now that I’ve beginning to understand slowly on how this entire concept means then steadily I’m on my way to understanding how the rich really think. As the saying goes, “The more you know and understand, the more you know that you don’t know and don’t understand”. Such simple yet hard to comprehend concept is slowly beginning to shed light to my life.

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More High Net Worth Individuals

Just read that our Singapore Tourism Board is trying to attract more and more high net worth individuals to come to Singapore all because our operating costs are higher than our neighbors. So now, we are actually competing based on value and more activities for our visitors.

Well, how can we take advantage of this new influx of high net worth individuals with more than $1 million coming into Singapore to invest and spend more money in Singapore?

I need a business in Singapore to take advantage of this.

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