Health Insurance Exams Again – Yay Finally!

Today is my exam day again. After my last failure, I was determined to pass it this time round. Before today, I’ve already started to revise and memorize on all the mistakes which I had made before.

It was really challenging trying to overcome the experience and feelings of failure. But I was really fortunate to have a great friend, Jack, always encouraging me that I can make it. Thanks man! :D

Well, my exams was in the afternoon and I was in office studying for the whole day before I walked over to the exam hall(Suntec tower 2). Luckily, I went there earlier because when I just got there. It just poured heavily.

I did some last minute revision and went in. Initially, I know the answers to the questions and there were some repeat questions from my previous take. So my confidence went up. But I did encounter some difficult questions which really puzzled me… but nevermind on that. I went ahead and did my usual double checking.

But suddenly, there was fear in myself before clicking on the submit button. I hesitated for awhile but just went ahead in spite of fear. Because T Harv Eker said a successful person will always act in spite of fear no matter what kind of circumstances. So I also want to have that kind of mentality and thus went ahead.


I held my breath and saw in green PASS. I was super happy man :D That just made my day.

One step closer to my goal of becoming a financial consultant. YAY! :D

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