Idea of Thinking Big – Robert Kiyosaki

I was reading about an article that is talking about the idea of thinking big by Robert Kiyosaki and it really strikes me since quite a lot happened in just these few days.

This article is talking about how the rich get richer and why did it happen. You can find the article here. It talked about how Robert was exposed to the idea of thinking big and how just by thinking big, a person is able to turn a piece of seemingly expensive property into an even more profitable property which is more than 10 times the value when it was being offered out.

Not only was the idea a simple concept to grasp, but still it’s quite hard to comprehend until now because there are still some prerequisite concepts that a person has to understand before he is able to slowly grasp this simple principle.

Now that I’ve beginning to understand slowly on how this entire concept means then steadily I’m on my way to understanding how the rich really think. As the saying goes, “The more you know and understand, the more you know that you don’t know and don’t understand”. Such simple yet hard to comprehend concept is slowly beginning to shed light to my life.

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